Good Life Performance By: Jared Holley

The Spatial Experience: The Constant theatre was an amazing experience from the moment I walked in. The plethora of art on the wall first caught my eye is it was extremely abstract and made me wonder what was trying to be conveyed. Moving into the theatre itself this feeling continued as I was able to get a front seat center stage which allowed me to be extremely immersed into the play itself.

When the play began the main actors came out and walked right in front of me while doing their introductions. This made the play all the more worth while as it was completely unexpected. After the introduction the lights dimmed and everyone got that hushed sense. After the loud parading that had just occurred I was extremely excited for the play to begin. This coupled with the intermediate size of the auditorium itself really enhanced the feeling of immersion as if you were in the world of the play. All of this served to elaborate on the role of place in the good life. In most circumstances people become what they surround themselves with. This is how I personally choose to enhance my own life. Surrounding myself with positive influences and fulfilling life experiences.

The Social Experience: I attended the show with my close friend/room mate. This really enhanced the overall experience as we could discuss our expectations and feelings going in and out of the show. I actually had to attend the performance immediately after leaving my workplace so to prepare I placed all of my needed clothes in my vehicle. I then met up with my friend at the theatre itself.

In addition, a complete stranger sitting next to us engaged in a dialogue. during the intermission and after the show. This allowed us to see another perspective on the play itself we might not have gotten other wise. Shared experiences are as equally important as place in the good life. A life of solitude is not always a good one. Surrounding yourself with people of varying ages, genders, and background is beneficial to having a wholesome view point on events and people.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The main focal point of the story was some what of an unknown topic for myself. I had read headlines every now and then in the news relating to the subject matter, but never have I dealt with it so directly. That being said, I think the play itself had many issues that it sought to address not limited just to hypocrisy in the church. The instances of extreme poverty spoke to me as I have traveled and seen cases similar to what was displayed.

However, the play did not change my view on any of the subject matter. Poverty is still tragic and the level of veilless seen by those in power still disturbs me. That being said, the play still had an impact as it brought me closer to an issue I had already determined an opinion on. The subject matter related to my life in that I try to help those in need when I can to prevent the events that occur in the play. I believe that through helping other we can help ourselves.

The Emotional Experience: The play itself could be renamed something along the lines of "Taboo" and people would agree with it. It explores the many facets of life that people know about, but cannot do much to directly aid it or even choose not to be involved. This is evidenced within the play itself as many of the character stand idle and simply watch tragedy occur.

By exposing the audience to such horrible events it both brings awareness to them and forces the audience to question whether or not they are one of the bystanders mentioned within the play itself.

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