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Photojournalism is the genre of journalism, where stories could be told through the series of images over the number of visual ways.It’s a way of telling stories to the substantial number of audience across the globe simply by taking visual thoughts and sharing over the social media.Photojournalism has the significant rule of telling a story, and it often does in a single click of an image.

Photojournalism is just not about taking pictures and giving them the best compositions. It happens to tell the stories that really matters and which is more powerful.This is the fact the upon picking up any newspaper, photojournal or Feature story eye goes first to the photograph then the headlines and finally to the word story .

Social media

The term social media tend to describe the web-based platforms, engaging social users of all walks of lives.

In today’s world, social media plays a crucial role in connecting people, promoting stories and trafficking the great size of people over different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Vimeo, tumbler, flicker and lot more.Social media often called as universal media, that connects users beyond the globe immediately.

When it comes to photojournalism social media is the most vital tool which helps to promote social stories, events, issues that matter, campaigns and much more.Mainstream media whether it’s print, photo or any other form of journalism is exploring social media to drive traffic.

instagram boomerang


Like photo sharing and gif's , Instagram has recently introduced the new app of sharing mini videos , that lets users to share videos on the go.Boomerang allows us to capture stunning pictures , converting them in to video or , simply shoot a video while walking, in the park , on the road ,or getting the exact moment of watching your friends and family having fun together .This Instagram built in video loop allows to create short videos and convert your pictures in a fun way or perhaps , create some unexpected moments and share them on other social platforms just in a one click .

After changing the speed in a boomerang this happened.

Adobe spark Page

Adobe spark allows us to create pages, write blogs create stories and photo essays of any kind with different themes and prospectives.Adobe spark comes with three different apps under one flag.Adobe spark pages ,spark video and spark post.Spark pages let us produce written work we can add video images and share one web links. Web stories can be shared across different platforms to reach and attract and communicate with the larger audience.Like wise adobe posts and videos does different jobs to promote stories and videos . Text, icons and music can be added in, to create spark videos however , spark videos are very basic to share ideas only .I personally found Spark page quite well to write my blog .This is the type of scroller , which helps me to bring my work up on the screen as I scroll through.

Facebook stories

Facebook has newly-formed the Facebook stories.In addition to securing post privately or publicly.Facebook stories are shared to promote live news or to raise the awareness on any human concerns cause or even supporting others in any way. The Facebook story an updated version of Facebook is authorising users to share various photographs videos that emerge in news feed.The good point is, this allows users see who has seen their stories.

Like snap chat Facebook stories have direct messaging feature aims to let you speak through the camera .

Facebook story

Facebook stories can be shared on your time line or we can tag people .Like wise whats app status and Instagram new face book stories dis apears after 24 hours.The fact is face book is much more than this .

Facebook & photojournalism

How face book is renewing the world of photojournalism

Facebook is the interesting as well as a serious way of sharing pictures, reaching the audience and connecting people around the globe. In terms of photojournalism, Facebook has bridged the gap between the traditional and contemporary photography.

Sharing the Facebook photography earns the tremendous response from friends and followers. Comments from other photojournalists, facebook friends and followers gives an impression of what they like and want to see in modern photojournalism.Facebook is performing the vital role in promoting photojournalism.For example, Magnum photos have the huge number of followers and the people who adore photography including people who don't fancy photography much but desire to see something different.While scrolling through the Facebook what I noticed, people, celebrities, organisations, sports , news, books , music bands and every single part of today's life is under the great influence of the face book. Never mind this face book impact on society.

As I can see here , Magnum photo (photo agency ) has the vast number of likes on face book.

What is also striking about Facebook, it takes people where ever they want to go.Photojournalists have been sharing their photo stories from right in the centre of war zones in Syria to the native African wildernesses.


The online, as well as a social networking platform for sharing news and interacting people of the wider scale, is twitter. UnLike other social platforms, twitter has a short form of posting tweets, which is restricted to 140 words only. While posting tweets one must be prudent of sharing tweets, one cannot share the whole large story in 140 words. Photojournalists, amateur cinematographers and other Users across the twitter are using clever ways to share their larger stories simply by embedding their story link into a tweet and all set to go. This series of short online news, surveys, reports, messages, advertisements and announcements happens anytime in 24 hours. Posting a tweet could go anywhere at this point, one need to decide how could they drive traffic on their twitter. Tweet deck is the free program for twitter, which brings you news, private messages and helps you to manage your contacts.


How social media is being used by Photojournalists and visual story hunters .

Photojournalism has an immense exposure of seeing news photographers, photojournalists and the virtual story hunters that etched into the mind’s eye. The creatives left a major impact of evoking the emotions of tragedy, and the intensity of the conflict. Most photojournalist labours the past records for the future ages. Yet, they all have one thing in common the use of social media.And, their manners of storytelling may be different but how they have used social media to promote their stories and some of the detail of how their stories were created are identical. Another most interesting point of using social media by a photojournalist is the consideration of the word that will accompany the photograph and how does that influence the way, where photographs and stories are understood by the people. The ability to interact subjectively through social media is the most aesthetic skill that empowers any photojournalist.The social media contribute to the process of promoting a story and photojournalist's work, worth and value. The new variety of the photojournalism began to provide the socially promoted photographs from the variety of subjects.

Anastasia Taylor-

Taylor-Anastasia Taylor Lind-is the freelance photojournalist who knows the tricks of using social media to promote her work.In a web article which was published on 7th of August 2017 by Max Riley.where she states use of social media has had a vast positive impact on her in terms of gaining success and reaching her potential clients .she also explains that face book and twitter can help you to build the audience and to reach more people who are more interested in your work.she has the massive amount of Instagram followers more about her can be find in a link.

Critical Analysis :

Critical analysis of how useful the social media is: This is fair to say that social platforms have played and are playing an important role in photojournalism. As photographers are bringing most exciting and news stories, not from the news desk but resulting of the situation they put their self in. In my research, i did read a nice bit of a freelance photo-journalist Jordan Bush Of Lancaster Pennsylvania.Bush tells the experience of approaching the idea of covering a story independently in Mexico city. Bush say's and I quote " I posted on Facebook of what my intentions were". After a short while, Bush got a reply from a friend in Lousiana and some other face book contacts caught his intentions to assist him to document the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico.After a while, He started the project and his photo sharing on face book and twitter made his story viral in some hours. (Photojournalism seventh edition) by Kenneth Kobre

Considerably, my individual post on social media did not earn much likes and shares. But the good thing is, that my adobe blog page has more than 70 views that indicate, this can increase over the period of time. Finally, this is sufficient to say, that social media plays and prominent role in promoting stories, but this takes time and by choosing right strategies, knowing what people love. What they like, and where will people pay no attention. For instance, anything shared on social media depends on the likeness of the viewers what they love and how they react. If a person fancies gaming he will presumably pay less or no consideration to the things shared on social media and are irrelevant to him.

Portfolio 1

Part one – the body of workPortfolio-photo essay

For my photo essay, I had three distinct initial ideas. These involved creating a silhouette of women experiencing domestic violence, the silhouette was to create for women who were ok to share their stories but needed some extra layer of security to hide their identity. My second thought was about to look for women who actually had the same exposure to domestic abuse but no identity issues at all. No matter what they were strong enough to get ahead and be photographed. For this, I decided to create a theme “we are strong” Shortly after I dropped the idea to work on domestic abuse, as the agreed women later became reluctant to photograph. Plan two was to create anything related to still life portraits. As I am much more interested in human expressions and thoughts. After some thoughts on shopping locally and meeting to photograph people and ask about their day out experience. I finally, came to the point where I could think of creating and presenting something which involves the movements of our hands. Hands a most impressive part of our body, which awards us a strength and lets us do what we can do.Our hands are our power. Hands are the greatest asset that humans have. We can do a lot more with our hands from picking things up, writing your ideal or perhaps unfavourite thing. Hands give victory gestures, and of course, if someone is speech impaired these are only hands which let them do the talk.

This post was actually for my initial thought on "We are strong"

Human Hands:

hands on the book ( working hands )

contact sheet

contact sheet

This photo essay have more to tell more touching human hands, how they work, what expressions could we have using our hands, and hands in prayer. Also, I split this essay into various categories, hands-on work will have some close-ups of hands working on a designated serving of work or play. Hands addressing some lovely gestures, full of love, life, and kind emotions. With these sets of hands, of course, we have still -hands ( hands with no motions and emotions.

Kindness of the hands and some gestures .

Contact sheet

wokring hands

While taking hand portraitures, I chose not to capture any facial appearances of the people. As this was vital to showcase every single touch of hands to make this plan bit more meaningful.

#still life # hands together # hands on work # holding hands

hands together

Something so good about holding hands together. 'simplicity' in one word .Saying so much and doing too little by being so easy to understand .

Love work love your hands

Doing something ,with lovely hands gives a sense of absolute pleasure . Which finally delivers the message " I can change the world with my own hands "

# holding hands .Hands together

Busy hands doing two things together

Changing the world with your hands is easier , but this is lot more easier to sit back with cup of tea , relax and have some fun .

holding hands

Out on taking portraitures of hands and asking people to let me take some pictures of their hands was an incredible experiment. As most of them were quite happy to be photographed.

The idea of only portraying hands initially came from when I was looking at the book 60 photos by Lazlo-Moholy-Nagy.On the cover photo, I could see five people proposing their hands. To me, this was quite suggestive.

Happy days , Hands showing love and happiness
#Holding hands #working hands # hands together

Showing hands with different prospects, I shoot a lotI had to take too many shots to post best pictures on social media to gain more likes and share.Taking hand shots was my ultimate choice, I knew that I wanted to photograph people this has given me the confidence to try several props and positions.

working hands
hands while reading
hands using technology
hands while reading

Still Hands

Still hands

Just hand or still hand not doing anything has some images to show the idea of having hands not doing anything in particular.

Father and son holding their hands together
A screen capture of "Just hands " on Twitter.


For the campaign, I decided to create a Facebook page theme “CALM” under the page name the unxpressed emotion. As this is the very widespread topic and required more mental health awareness and knowledge, I did not try to introduce everything in. I rather considered creating a page to calm the anxiety, stress, feeling sad and feeling paranoid. To make this lighter to and easy to understand to the public, what I did is to create some video and quotes using adobe video and posts .I like how people viewed my video and liked my page. I did not have the considerable amount of people on my facebook page, but I know the fact this is an ongoing process which takes time.

This is videos shows some tips on relaxing while having stress and anxiety

Here is the screen shot of what I have created so far .

screen capture of some my work done so far
This was the post created to ask if they were feeling okay to the Day

Embedded links

Due to adobe’s compatibility, I was not able to put any Facebook or twitter embedded links, However, I tried hard to add some links in my Blog

Below is the link to my Facebook page

Here is clip of Prince William and Lady Gaga's conversation of promoting aware ness about Mental Health.

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