The world According to Chidalu O


This is images of many people from different countries around the world meeting together to make the world a better place.

Globalization makes the world stronger for many different reasons. One of them is because of different goods being shipped around the world. Some items people have might have been made in a country far away. The thing about it that makes the world stronger is the idea of free trade through national borders. At the same time, when those goods being shipped are sold in a nation, they can buy it for lower prices. Another way that globalization makes the world stronger is that when presidents from othe countries meet, they can agree not to go to war. They can also work together to come up with something better to make the world a better place. This is how globalization makes the world stronger.

Bucket list

I would like to go to Australia because I here that there are people who live underground. I want to know what it's to live underground.
Saudi Arabia



What forces work for or against suprnational cooperation.

Centripetal force works for supranational cooperation. This is true because each country in the E.U.has little bits of power. It has to give power to the E.U. This is important because the more power they get, they more wealth and fortune.Another reason is with goods being able to move freely across borders and countries, people will have more choices to buy from. This is important because with more choices, the E.U. will make more money off of different products.Politically the whole continent will be doing fine. People also get to vote and this is important because with a leader the nation votes for, the citizens will feel secure.Although there are many more,these are some ways centripetal forces work for supranational cooperation.

All the countries in the eu.

What Does it Mean to be a Good Citizen?

There are many ways of being a good citizen. You have to respect the law. There are 2 different types of laws. Social law and political law. A social law is where you're expected to follow those laws. A political law is one of those laws where if you don't follow them, you will be punished very bad. You have to be informed about those laws. This is what it means to be a good citizen

What is the most effective style of goverment?

The most effective type of government is representative democracy.The reason why is because in this type of government, citizens are allowed to vote. Citizens who vote would vote for people who have the same beliefs as them. This is important because if a nation doesn't have the right president or leader, then there would be chaos, and the leader would take his citizens and people for granted. Voting is definitely priority. If a nation had a dictatorship, then the dictator would treat people unfairly and use too much if he had unlimited power. That's why representative is the most effective also because when people vote they know they have the right leader. Representative democracy is the most effective style of government

When people vote they feel secure and relaxed because they chose the president. This is an example of representative democracy.

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