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Moleque de Idéias is a learning space, an environment of different activities and possibilities. It's not a school, in the sense that nobody is a teacher or a student, but learners that work together. It's also a software company
As a software company, Moleque develops and maintains ecommerce systems, systems to manage tests online, systems of quality to the building industry and network platforms for different clients.
Working together, constantly learning and evolving organically.
It is also a place for children since they are 4 years old, to develop their own ideas.
Moleque has worked with more than 1 500 children until today, some for more then 10 years. And it is also a place to gather the community to develop ideas to foster sustainability.
A special place
This is a story of what has happened during the first 19 years of a very special place.

What is Moleque? (Chapter 1)

"We believe that the separation between doing - learning - sharing is artificial and that it creates inefficiency, is unnecessary and inhumane" says one of the three founders Nilton Lessa. In the organization, projects with children, adolescents and adults are accepted as valid and desirable. Not distinguishing by age, speciality or gender. Innovative from conception to the form of operation, Moleque de Idéias survives financially through servicing and creating products and does not have public or private sponsorship. The business is working well and has worked well for 19 years. This chapter defines many of the thoughts of Moleque founders Leila Pais de Miranda, Nilton Lessa and Luis Polho Pacheco.

Moleque philosophy (Chapter 2)

This chapter contains thoughts on the philosophy, communication and learning of Moleque founders Leila Pais de Miranda, Nilton Lessa and Luis Eugênio Pacheco. It also explains how the Brazilian press has covered Moleque activities over the years

Projects and activities (Chapter 3)

Here is the story of how Moleque has developed professional software for clients and how computers are used with the kids and what activities happen continually such as robotics, programming, games, graphics, music and film projects.
Other subtitles are: Food, Sustainability, Urban Agriculture, Chemistry and Electronics Labs. Important is also the connection with the Maker Movement and Hangouts activities.

Who is Moleque? (Chapters 4 and 5)

The Moleque founders, crew and people close to Moleque are presented with their stories and images.

Who are the Kids? (Chapter 6)

Results with the kids (Chapter 7)

Children attend Moleque de Ideias as much as they can and want to develop their own ideas, interacting with adults and other children. These projects, when mature, can unfold into business projects.
Since 1996 Moleque de Ideias has been intensively writing, photographing and recording the work sessions with the children. Moleque keeps studying these records and has developed a system to follow their knowledge development.

Kids over the years (Chapter 8)

Amazing talent João Vitor Carvalho Gonsalves shows some of his work.
Juliana Shimada Brotto’s delightful text about her experience at Moleque de Idéias. She started as a child, came back at 17 and is now 19.

The localities of Moleque (Chapter 9)

In 1996 the newly started Moleque de Ideias found its first locality in Colégio Betânia. The next locality was at the second floor of a day-care center, Creche Felizinfância. In 1999 Moleque moved to the house next to Instituto Maia Vinagre, where Leila studied when she was a child.
Today Moleque de Idéias is situated in its own house at Rua Vereador Duque Estrada, n 116 - Santa Rosa Niterói - RJ, Brazil
There is now significantly more space for administration, work, ideas and projects. The house has a green roof, which will help keep the house cooler. The water system is able to utilize rainwater. There is space to use solar panels and to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs for Moleque's own use and to distribute within the networks. All of this gives new possibilities for sustainability. In the back yard there is a garden and a deck for shows, theatre and presentations
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