Dennis´s Number the Stars Diary

Literary Analysis

If Denmark were bodyguards for the Jews then they would protect them, but the Johansens would not even care because they are closing the Jews shops. So i think that Denmark would protect them more better than the Johansens.

1. Annemarie was frightened because of what Ellen had said. 2.her felling are the same because it was one night and the gaurd had came in to there house and where looking for Ellen and her family because they are jews and she had to rip off Ellen neckless or they would have been cought . 3. Because if Annemarie has Ellen


we just read that the Germens had closed a Jews shop. Then peter had came from the sea with shells that he gave to Annemarie for a gift and 2 beers to her mom and dad . Therefore, I predict that the peter will leave there house and will be taken by the Germens because he was outside when he was not allowed.

I think that in the next chapter that the soldiers will take that bag of food and find that little bag that the Roseins lost when they leaving to the boat and now she has to take it to them and the solders find that bag or they go whit her to the boat them they will find Ellen’s family and they would be in big trouble.


Man vs nature

When i tripped over a root and went sprawling." Mama sighed. she was in the forist. and she learned not to hurry back home or you will hurt your self

Man vs self

Should i protect the Jews or not." Annemarie thought the forist was safe but she learned they are not because the soldiers where every where.

Man vs Man

All of the soldiers pushed past her. One of them laughed, and they spoke to each other in their own language. the foirst is not a safe place

Man vs Society

There are people who hide them and help them, along the way to Gilleleje."


the theme of this book is about that people are leaving the place because the family don't want to lose any family members and cause of the war that's going on.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and Stocky






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