About Kaitlyn Groh

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Groh. This is a little bit about myself...

My favorite memorial is the WWII Memorial while over looking the Washington Monument.

I was originally born in Virginia Beach and moved to just outside of Washington D.C. at a very young age. I enjoy being so close to the nation's capital and getting to explore this great city on a regular basis.

This picture was taken at a gala event that I hosted.

My family is extremely important to me. They motivate me to do and be the best that I can. Both of my parents dropped out of college and now are very successful in what they do. I also have a younger sister who I try to inspire everyday.

This is my beagle puppy, Lucy. She is so sweet and playful, but she has a seizure disorder. I love her with all my heart.

Senior year field hockey captain.

I attended Patriot High School and graduated 2013 and received an advanced diploma. I then began my college career at Radford University.

I am currently pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Special Education. I chose to pursue this degree because I have a younger cousin who has Down Syndrome. I want to inspire children, advocate for children, and change their lives.

In 5 years I see myself teaching in an elementary school and working with kids every day while going to school myself pursing a second Masters degree in administration. In 10 years my goal is to become a principal to impact even more children than just one class at a time. My end goal for my career is to become a superintendent of education.

And now a few things that bug me.

Not being on time and others who are not on time bug me.
An overly full, dirty sink bugs me.
When someone does not replace the toilet paper roll, that bugs me.

Some important things in my life...

  • My family
  • My sorority
  • Working with children


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