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Creativity is the ability to think out of the box, push the limits, and take chances. We all need a little creativity in our lives, since it is what make us so unique. Each person has the ability to use their imagination to create something beautiful, whether it be a piece of art, or dream they wish to someday fulfill. For our first project, we were to make folders, which expressed us as artist; we were given no guidelines. This creative challenge really made me think out of the box and ask myself, "what defines me?" As a student with a passion to learn, I love reading so I used newspaper. As a artist, I love admiring others work so I cut out images from art magazines. This all came together to create an image of myself, with facial features made from those of each member of my family. I was able to express what defines me not only from a personal perspective, but also physically and genetically. After taking a year off of art, the success I felt with my first project helped to make me confident over the duration of the first semester.

Green Eyes, Mixed Media

The most important art principle I used was contrast, which I incorporated by varying the the colors within my artwork. Making only the hair and eyes have color emphasized those particular features. Additionally, by making the eyes green, the subtle amount of that color in the hair was highlighted. Furthermore, all the paper clippings varied in size and pattern.

Snowy the Leopard, Zentangles

The most important art element used in this project was value. Since we were only using black ink, it was essential to differ the value to create variation in different features. For example, the aspects of the piece that were suppose to be snow or white fur had much more white space, creating a lighter value. With cross hatching, I was able to create shadows with a darker value, which gradually faded into a lighter value.

Kindergarten Class, Watercolor

The most important art principle I used was unity. Unity was created by overlapping and changing the dimensions of the objects along with my color selection and placement. Additionally, I made sure there was no blank areas on my composition by spacing the objects appropriately.

Tribal Kiss, Mixed Media
Geometric Blossom, Mixed Media

The most important art principle was pattern. By using repetition of a single stamp I was able to create a unified piece with visual excitement. The stamp had the ability of creating many different patterns, so I had to decide which pattern I desired to create before applying the stamp. The pattern of the paper behind the stamps added to the piece and created a nice variation of color.

Pop Folk, Bas Relief

The most important art element in this piece was color. when determining what colors to paint the composition, we strategically chose colors that were across from each other on the color wheel. I choose orange as my starting point and then used the two tertiary colors directly across, blue-violet and blue-green. By selecting two tertiary colors and one secondary, I was able to create rhythm with the orange really popping out and catching the viewers eye.

Savannah, Mola

The most important art principle was emphasis. The focal point of my mola was the giraffe. I brought emphasis to this area by placing it directly in the center of my tile: this made it a visual target. The giraffe was full of small, detailed circle patterns while the background was a larger, less detailed diamond pattern.

Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music, Silkscreen

The most important art element I used was shape. While carving my design out of the stencil, it was very important to take into consideration the negative and positive space and how it would translate onto the shirt. The shape I carved out allowed my to print my intricate logo onto the shirt using silk screening.

Tunnel Vision, Mandala

The most important art principle I used was contrast. Mandalas are thought to be meditative; there is no "right" or "wrong" was of creating them. This allows for the artist to use a wide variety of sizes, shapes, types of lines and a vast degree of simplicity to complicity in the piece. This contrast allows for a ample amount of originality in each mandala.

Banana Wannabes, Stop Motion

The most important art principle is movement and rhythm. I was able to control the movement and rhythm of the video by the placement of the bananas. By making subtle movements then snapping pictures, I was able to change the nearness and farness of the characters and make them appear to be dancing.

Mrs. Roseland viewing my Art Portfolio
Letter from Mrs. Roseland
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