Potatoes Are GMOS By: tyler barrett

Description of GMO Added.

They add genes that cut down the amount of the amino acid asparagine.

The also added genes that made them take longer to brown.

And have a resitence to herbicide and pesticides.

They also have a resitence to bruising.

How it Was Created.

A biotech company in Idaho was trying to find a way to make the best potatoes. They started adding genes to find which ones help the best. The added some from the artic apple which cause it not to bruise.

Pros and Cons of GMO Potatoes.


GMO's DNA help solve world hunger by adding genes that make it grow faster.

GMO's can give the food a longer shelf life and it can eliminate seeds.

GMO's can make the foods healthier and more nutrious for people to eat.

Can resist bugs and deadly diseases.

Has a better tolerance to cold, heat, and drought.


When adding genes to a food allergies are a big concern. If someone is allergic to fish and a gene from a fish is added to a tomato then they might have a allergic reaction

Most people will argue this is not a natural way to do it.

It will lower the food items resilence to antibodies.

Personal Stance on GMO's

I think GMO's have there goods and bads. I believe that company's should be able to use GMO's but need to say where they got the genes from.





Created By
King Tyler


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