People Eating the auchtermuchty food museum

I saw a box of old photographs outside a bar . I started to go through them and came across a picture of a family at dinner. The place setting interested me, the food they were eating interested me - their clothes were interesting too, but when I looked at their faces the whole meal came alive and triggered memories and stories of food being shared.

I looked for more photographs of people eating and have never stopped. I find them in bins, junk shops, auctions, galleries, other people's houses (I always ask). And as news has spread some people donate their own photographs to the museum, so they can be added to the collections and considered alongside thousands of other images.

The photographs come from all over the world, they date from approximately 1865 to the 1980s and cover every kind of situation in which people eat, from celebrations to incarceration, large parties to solitary meals for one or two. There are many stories to be discovered and I hope when they are considered together as a whole another tale emerges.

People Eating is a touring exhibition usually featuring up to 300 photographs with an accompanying soundtrack of people eating (!). If you're interested in working with us to bring the exhibition to a venue near you, please get in touch.

Created By
Chris Duffy

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