Presentation for HRM Group 2

  1. Oxfam Case Study
  2. Video questions

Oxfam question 1:

  • cultural differences
  • the inequality of salary and welfare
  • the unbalance of HRM in different regions
  • the recruit of CPM—unequal employment opportunities
  • some countries lack proper education infrastructure
  • policies conflict with local employment laws
  • staff management training and development
  • cross-cultural awareness

Oxfam question 2:

Europe and the USA deserve more autonomy for their low level of corruption. (70% -- 75%) while Aidan countries should be given around 50%-60% of power .

Video Question1:

  • The corporation as a paradox and an institution that creates great wealth but causes enormous and often in arms.
  • One form of business ownership.
  • It is a group of individuals working together to serve a variety of objectives.

Video Question2:

  • The principal one of which is earning large, growing sustained legal returns for the people who own the business.
  • In both law and culture corporation was considered a subordinate entity that was a gift from the people in order to serve the public goods.

Video Question 3:

  • CEOs have a considerable liability in making decisions.
  • In reality, It mainly depends on profit and shareholder interests. However, socially responsible decisions are not misaligned with interests.

Video Question 4:

  • Lack of public control over big corporations.
  • The law requires corporations to “ prioritize the interests of their companies and shareholders above all others and forbids them from being socially responsible---at least genuinely so” (Bakan, 2004) Thus, Corporations try to obtain profit as much as possible at any price.

Video Question 5:


  • Corporations are artificial creations. The corporation is an institution that creates great wealth but causes enormous and often hidden harms.
  • If a corporation can be considered as a person, it was an immoral person. For it has no moral conscience and only concernes about stockholders.

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