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A lifetime of travel has made her cultured and well-rounded. An innate sense of art and design has made her sought-after, and a passion for good business has made her well-respected. But one of the most important driving factors in Monica's life is her need to use design to convey the right energy for her clients, transforming their lives through thoughtfully designed spaces, carefully curated products and lifestyle choices that improve their everyday.

Los Angeles Native, Monica Wilcox, Principal Designer

About Monica Wilcox

It all started with her mom not letting her rearrange the living room.

The oldest of eight siblings, Monica grew up a military "brat," spending her childhood in several different countries, including Japan. Monica's mother, a naturally gifted interior designer, relished creating a beautiful home for her family and always changing it up to keep it fresh with new furniture lay-outs, pillows, rugs and more. Young Monica loved to rearrange and move things, hang her own hand-drawn artwork, and bring her personal design aesthetic to life. Frustrated by her daughter, Monica's mom issued an edict, "Do not decorate my home; when you have your own home, you can decorate your home the way you want it."

And so she did. But Monica did not just stop at her home. In years to come, Monica would have clients lined up for the very same service her mother fussed about.

Also a talented singer, dancer and actress, Monica auditioned for and gained acceptance to the San Diego High School of Creative Performing Arts where she was able to nurture her talent and her love of the arts. While attending college at San Diego State University, she fell in love with a sailor and got married.

She and her husband had two sons, Anthony and Malik, before eventually divorcing. As a suddenly single mother, Monica decided that the best way to provide for her family would be to join the United States Army. While the decision surprised everyone around her, Monica excelled in an environment that pushed her to her limits. She loved the sense of family that the military offered, and she soaked up the lessons of discipline, leadership and hard work that were all around her. Monica was selected to serve on special assignments, including one in Egypt, during her five-year military service, where she earned many medals and commendations, including being named Soldier of the Year.

While visiting Cairo on a special assignment, Monica was fascinated by the décor in the hotels and began thinking that, one day, she might try to put her interior design talent to work in an all-new career. Like everything she does, Monica jumped into the design field head-on after transitioning back into civilian life. To gain experience in the industry, she took a job with a well-known furniture brand, and was quickly promoted to sales manager of her own store. She worked for several different retail brands to gain experience, and started designing for model homes for projects that took her all over the U.S. In this role, Monica became open to many different decorating styles and trends, and began to love all aspects of it perfecting the elements that combine to make great design, no matter one's personal style preference.

Monica has the rare ability to translate her talent into something purposeful and beautiful for the world around her
...this creative visionary may someday be in every household in America.

Deciding to venture out on her own — the scariest decision of her life, she admits - Monica opened her own interior design studio in San Antonio, Texas. Cultivating her signature style, Monica began to focus on giving everyday people beautiful spaces that looked like magazine showpieces. Word spread quickly about her work, about the designer who could give you that look you thought only celebrities could afford — but at a fraction of the cost. Monica used her relatable personality to really listen to and speak to what a client really wanted in a space, and how it would be used, allowing Monica to marry spectacular style with everyday functionality.

And then love happened. Monica decided to marry the man of her dreams, Kenyaco Wilcox, and move her business to Dallas to follow his career opportunity. At first apprehensive about leaving behind her dedicated San Antonio clientele that had kept her booked out for months, Monica made the leap of faith to move to a new city to start a new life with her husband. Starting from the ground up, she built a business in North Texas with the same dedication to her clients and to her vision. Soon, one small home office with one assistant became a full-service interior design firm with a large corporate office, a warehouse, and a team of talented designers and assistants that Monica works alongside today to fulfill her vision for her clients.

Whether it's spaces in offices, churches, homes, hotels or other interiors, Monica brings something truly unique to her clients. With a dedication to listening to her clients and learning all she can about how they interact with their space, an innate ability to see design take shape in her mind's eye, and the expert communication skills to create a true collaboration with her clients, Monica has the rare ability to translate her talent into something purposeful and beautiful for the world around her.

As a businesswoman, artist, consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, veteran, mother and wife, Monica is frequently called upon for advice for everything from interior design to business growth to lifestyle tips. She enjoys the art of living fully and completely, and is happy to share that with others. With boundless energy, an honest and direct approach, and an infectious spirit, it's possible that this creative visionary may someday be in every household in America.

Corporate Backgrounder

When clients want distinctive, unique design that conveys the right kind of energy and purpose for their space, they call on M Wilcox Design. A full-service design firm based in the Dallas area, M Wilcox Design has a reputation for attention to detail and an approach that has earned founder Monica Wilcox and her team a devoted fan base.

You could say that M Wilcox Design got its start when Monica's mom forbid a young Monica to rearrange the furniture in her family home. Even at a young age, Monica discovered that her passion for design needed an outlet, and she was always interested in seeing those ideas play out. Monica's mom disagreed, and encouraged her instead to study hard, grow up and buy her own home to decorate, which Monica did. But now, Monica's creative design sense and leadership has clients lined up to get M Wilcox Design in their own home, to create the kind of spaces that they have always dreamed of having

A one-stop-shop for everything related to interior design, M Wilcox Design is based on the philosophy that listening to clients' needs and wants is the top priority. Whether the firm is renovating a space or executing a new idea, the designers at M Wilcox Design take pride in working with their clients to create a vision for a room that is a unique reflection of the kind of energy that the client wishes to convey.

The process for working with M Wilcox Design is straight-forward and client-centered. A one-hour complimentary design consultation is offered to all clients. If the clients choose to move forward, a flat rate based on square footage, rather than an hourly fee, makes the process up-front and easy for clients to understand and budget for. This is one of the many things that set M Wilcox Design apart from other design firms. M Wilcox Design handles all aspect of the interiors, from design to materials, furniture, delivery, installation and more.

Clients are impressed by the way that M Wilcox Design gets to know them and their needs. The process is thorough: clients are asked to fill out lifestyle questionnaires, submit inspiration photos, and have conversations with the designers that help designers articulate the clients' needs, even when the clients can't quite put it into words themselves. Monica and her team ask clients what they like about other spaces whether it's the color, the furniture style, a piece of art, or perhaps just how a space makes them feel. Taking all that into account, the designers go back to brainstorm and create a design specific for that client. When Monica's team shows clients the vision on paper, they are most often met with surprise and delight.

The biggest exclamations come on reveal day, when M Wilcox Design asks the client to not see the space while the firm is moving in the new design pieces.

From furniture to draperies, carpets to hardwoods, accent pieces and more, M Wilcox Design brings the space to life, conducting a new energy through it that immediately attracts attention. Squeals of delight are often heard as clients are walked through their new space, all completed and ready for them to use and enjoy, followed by hugs, tears, and a lot of jumping up and down. It's easy to understand why, as Monica believes that good design is an emotional process for herself and for her clients. Well-executed design makes them happier to be at home or in their office, makes them want to be in the space and be together with those that they love.

M Wilcox Design is a Houzz Pro Member, is listed on Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and is often seen in local design magazines, home and garden shows and in model homes. Monica Wilcox is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Black Interior Designers Network.

Monica Wilcox's attention to detail and excellent customer service landed her in Dallas Style & Design Magazine

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