The Hiking Trail of Nature By Emily schwindt

The Stuff You Need To Hike - Food, Supplies, Flashlights

The supplies you need to hike it is very important that you have the supplies you need to hike.For example, drinking water is very important especially, if your walking through the trails for a while.In addition, make sure that you have a phone so that you have a resource in case you get lost. You should also bring compass(something to show you if your going east,west,south, or south)finally the most important thing to wear is the right clothes like short sleeves and pants so you don’t get tikes. That's why the supplies you need are very important when you go on a hike.

hiking supplies

The Safety of Hiking - No Littering

No littering it’s the law!you shouldn't litter because it’s rude and unnecessary and disrespectful to the people that want to hike through that trail. If you want clean trails to walk on. Also, you can get a $35 dollar fine if you get caught littering(throwing trash on the ground) so treat the trails how you would want to be treated.That is why littering is rude and against the law.

no litterting sign

The Fun Part of Hiking - Exploring

Now the fun part of hiking is exploring.But only if you stay on the trails.The reason that you can get lost or get hurt.The exploring part can be fun as long as you stay safe at the same time. Sometimes when you explore around the trails you see really cool animals too.That is the fun part about hiking.

hiking trail

Hiking Trails-Places To Hike

These are good places to hike.Sleeping beauty mountain is one good place to hike. Another beautiful place to hike is quechee gorge.Now I haven’t told you how you can get their.There is multiple ways to get to these great places to hike but i’m only going to tell you one way to to get their.One way to get to your destination is a gps(a divice to tell you where you are and where to turn) you can also get a gps app on your phone and it doesen’t matter what type of phone.These are great places to hike and tips on how to get their.

hiking trail entrance


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