Bullying/Cyber-Bullying By:Amy Lopez

Bullying and Cyber-bullying is a serious topic. They both are types of bullying just one is face-to-face and the other one is online bullying. Cyber-bullying has increased over the year, and now more than ever with newer technology and social media. I personally think that cyberu-bullying is an even more serious topic. Cyber-Bullying can happen to you at any time througout the day; or anywhere. Bullying on he other hand can only happen when you are face-to-face with the other person.


Bullying as it is defined in a bullying help center , is feeling unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.
More than one out of every five students report bullying them being bullied or someone who is getting bullied.. That number has increased over the years, but it's still not high enough. Bullying affects the person being bullied in many ways. Some of the things would be ; for example, sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression.
Many people for example ; teachers, guidance counselors, parents, friends try to make teens want to talk to them about them getting bullying. It's not an easy thing to do when you're getting bullied or being told not to tell no one because they will do even more harmful things to you.
Angel Green was 14 years old when she committed suicide. She was just a young girl with somuch ahead of her. Just a couple words led this young girl to commit suicide. Yet those words meant so much to her and it led up to her maximum point. Bullying occurred in this case at school. No type of bullying is okay, whatsoever! Those words you "accidentally" might've said to your friend or a stranger could end there life.
Cyber-bullying as it's defined in the dictionary is the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.
Nearly 43% of children have experienced bullying online. That is a lot of children who have dealt with cyber-bullying. Not just children go through cyber-bullying also adults can go through it also. Today currently more and more teens face cyber-bullying. Why? You may ask. Social media. That's the answer.
Social media has gotten more people on it now that techonlogy has advanced. It has played an even bigger role in cyber-bullying. Most teens my age have sent or received a personal picture of the same or opposite gender. Yes it is only a picture but that picture can be sent to other people and end up in so many places in a short period of time. Obviously social media is an easier way to attack the victim getting bullied. It's easier then confronting them or getting inrotuble at schools. I personally think that any type of bullying is not okay whatsoever. Here I have two stories one on bullying and another on cyber-bullying. Only two stories out of so many.
Amanda Todd was only 15 years old when she committed suicide because of all the horrible bullying she had to face. A guy had taken a personal picture of her during a webcam discussion and that picture ended up everywhere. Amanda Todd couldn't handle all the torment she had to go through and on September of 2012 Amanda posted a video of her with flash cards revealing what she was going through and her own personal story. This is one out of so many cases that deal with bullying.
Next time you see someone being bullied or try to say something hurtful to someone think before you actually say it. Reflect on the outcomes on how badly your words, or other people's actions will have on the victim. Thank you!


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