Saving Our Lives saving our lives

Oh, my God. My favorite aunt came over to babysit my newborn little brother and I. I was so excited to see her standing in the living room. My mother, came from the back of the house. She looks stunning as usual. She said to me your father and I are going out tonight so your aunt will be watching you too. Normally this will make me very upset but tonight was different because my hero was there.

It was the middle of may and it was hot. We had such a good time with my aunt, even though my brother was only one month old. We play all day until it was time to go in the house. We ate dinner and we went to my room to watch TV. We watched my favorite cartoon network, Nicolai. Where we watched by a childhood crush. Nick cannon. I watched the van all night until the after hour shows came on. I watch TV all night and unfortunately the only thing there was always to a jury, which is my favorite show

It was such a fun field and exhausting day that I could barely keep my eyes open. Somehow I couldn't sleep worrying about the fact that my mother had come in yet. I stayed up to almost 4 clock way on my mom and father to come in the door. All of a sudden I heard someone at the big door. So I woke my aunt and I told her that someone was at the door. She got up called and my mother's name Nicole, Nicole? With no response he. so the door to open it because the door was broken. We fix the door with a wire hanger so he made impossible to get in from the outside of the house so we had opening from the inside. As I watched my aunt walked to the kitchen, I heard a voice, not my mother's voice but a mans voice. The may I say it to her beach, don't you say a word or I'll kill you? My 6 foot 2 at the I thought, will protect us. Not only did she not protect us. She ran at the house and left me and a hot month old baby in the house all alone with a stranger while she saved her own but running down the street.

I was furious, confused, angry and scared at the same time. In the moment I could feel none of these emotions at the time because we had to get out of there, so I thought fast. I looked down at my baby brother on the bed. I saw the cover and I swallowed him up and I got out of there. As I ran out the front door, I looked to my right and I saw the man who broke in the back door running right beside me. It was pouring down freezing rain and I was barefoot running on rocks, but I had to run to the nearest neighbor's house and get help. I look behind me in the man was not far behind me. So I ran to the neighbor's house and I bang on the door, praying this someone help me my heart was beating out of my chest. I was freezing so hard. Couldn't hear my own thoughts and then, the opened. I watched the man turn back around and run the other way he ran to 2 houses down and across the street from my house. Oh, my God, it was my neighbor the whole time. A few minutes later the police arrived. All of a sudden my aunt came running down the street. I got her wait. Fury in my eyes. Why would you leave us and run away? She said she was running to protect you two. Well, that's funny!


I was so tired, wick and cold. The police officer walked up to me, and ask me “what happened?” I told him some one was trying to break into our back door and my aunt saw him and he threatened to kill her. So she ran off a little. If I had the wrong with the baby and get help. so he looked at me said. where did he go to? so all the information I had I gave it to him, I spelled it out like a rat. Do think you can identify the man if I show you a picture. I think I know every day I see him. So I point down on the street of paper. I told them he ran into their house, I told him what he had on, I told him that he had on a black shirt and black pants. I watched them walk down to that house knock on the door. And he surrendered. I thought it was over. I know the police officers hurt to me. See the one. to come down to the station with us for questioning. Do you mean the time I have to go all the way there here? I’m old to be questioned? But I know to get the man I will have to do the work. So we got a in the police car and drove Down town.

We’re all downtown? The detective put me in his room all alone by myself. I was so I was so scared the detail to walk in the world. The flower. In his hand, he laid it out on the table. He opened it and I saw pictures. He said to me “Hey young lady can you tell me does this person look familiar to you?” I looked. And I looked. It finally, a lock yes with the picture. I claim my bonsai. This is the man. This is the man the tray. This is the man I saw run on the side of my house and chase me.

We’re all downtown? He put me in a room all alone by myself. I was so scared the detective walked into the room with a folder in his hand, he laid it out on the table. He opened it and I saw pictures. He asked me high young lady can you tell me does this person look familiar to you? I looked. And I looked. It finally, a lock yes with the picture. I claim my bonsai. This is the man! This is the man! This is the man! I saw him run from the side of my house and chase me this is the him. He did it, you got the right person.

In conclusion, who would have known that eight –year- old gear they had been up watching TV all night? Could be a hero. Not an adult. The main? But me? I saw this case all them myself. I led them to the perpetrator. What I'm saying is. I guess I saved this. I'm the hero in the story. I will succeed in and continue to be the hero in the story of my life.


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