For the past fifty years, I have been on a learning journey of community building.

It began in the classroom, progressed to the Learning Exchange, and matured when Matt and I met and co-created MG Taylor Corporation.

Tomorrow Makers, a non-profit, was formed in 2002 to better serve communities in meeting the requisite demands of changes occurring in the forming of a new paradigm.

Throughout the decades my explorations have revolved around creating scaffoldings, methods and processes to assist individuals within communities step up and add their abilities and talents toward creating the future by design, not default... for all life.

Currently, I find myself in the liminal.

I sense I am on the cusp of another paradigm shift, and I know there are thousands of other "tomorrow makers" out there who are interested in joining me as we tip into this new state of unfolding and upcreation.

With you, I am eager to build new relationships and new ways of understanding as we weave together our growing tangles of complexity.

My awakening call came from Nora Bateson and her wonderful book "Small Arcs of Larger Circles."

Nora challenges me to speak a new language, to see, feel, and come to know things differently, fresh, unspoiled, untainted. I found her book like no other and yet making perfect sense in my evolution and mutual learning and past.

I am excited to receive nudges such as these from people who have been working with ideas similar yet simultaneously dissimilar to my own.

It made me wonder, who else is out there? How many of us are out there searching for new ways to make sense of our world?

And can we come together to uncover new meaning, emergence, evolution, beauty, language, and form?

Now, with Nora Bateson and a small group of other dreamers, I have begun assembling the next phase of Tomorrow Makers.

It is my hope and intent to create a scaffolding, a welcoming hearth where a community of tomorrow makers assemble through mutual learning and play to create the world as works of art and to take back our humanity.

Together, we are creating a scaffolding for three primary purposes which we believe missing, yet vitally important, from the many, many inspiring things already happening:

1) To work and play together to understand how to create context, language, relationships, aesthetics enabling us to change the conversation from a world violently destroying itself to one that realizes the full potential from all of us... where we can recreate Earth as a work of art.

2) To provide strategic initiatives like “We Play in Centuries” so that we, the people, become familiar with how to engage with the distant future and past in ways that provide us with understanding, in collaboration, to shape and create conditions for healthy, structural changes we must make to survive, let alone thrive.

3) To reach beyond ourselves, our isolation, our work, resources...to explore new horizons we didn’t know existed until now. To be in a constant state of upcreation with and because of both the projects we do together and the initiatives coming forth from the (Tomorrow Makers) membership.

There is much to do!

1) How do we create our scaffolding, our hearth, where all tomorrow makers can meet virtually to engage, share, help build, and provide feedback through mutual learning and acting?

2) How do we create exquisite ways for coming together that are uniquely uplifting and fulfilling as a community, as groups, as individuals?

3) How can we enlist incredible diversity into our stead... beyond those practicing the MG Taylor process? We must welcome tomorrow makers from all walks of life... producers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, zebras, wild cards, crazy ones, researchers.

We invite you to take part in assembling complexity that can help us all escape to a higher order with your resources, your friendship, your actions, your networks and stewardship.

We must not look for job titles but crafters and sill builders and seekers of a more fit world. We must be bold in our invites and clear in our practices.

This is an invitation to those interested in contributing through first helping to create the hearth, expanding our circles, and stepping up to sapiential leadership.

I'm extremely excited and positive for what we can learn and do with and for each other.

Please get in touch with us at Tomorrow Makers if you would like to join us in our next step.

Tomorrow Makers is stewarded by the following board::

Todd Johnston

Catherine Stace

Maurizio Travaglini

Tyl van Toorn

Nora Bateson

Gail Taylor

And grateful engagement from the entire Watershed team.


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