RAIN MAN by: kenna taylor

I CHOSE THIS MOVIE BECAUSE... When I grow up I want to work with specifically autistic children when the are born and give them a life plan. Since working with these kids I've learned alot about each individual kid and how their family works around their life and needs

Each kid has their own ticks and coping methods that get them through the day whether its a set schedule or the way things are organized. These details are flawlessly shown through out the movie "Rain Man".

Not only was "Rain Man" able to capture autism, but down syndrome as well. In the movie the autistic boy lives in a special home with other autistic children coexisting with down syndrome kids, fully showing how each live their life differently.

In the movie being special needs/having a special needs sibling or kid was very rare, so when family members find out they are usually scared and confused. When the brother finds out he not only has a brother but an autistic brother, he is outraged and at a loss of words. ln these real life situations there are programs and groups for parents going through the same thing. Hospitals always have staff on duty to help the parents figure out how to go about the situation at hand, making it easier to transition into this new life.


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