Good Life Nature Activity By: madeline worthington

Nature on Display

While exploring the Florida Museum of Natural History I found the exhibit that depicted the lives and ways of the Calusa people very eye opening. The curators of the exhibit did a fantastic job of putting together all of the elements of the Calusa people. Reading all of the information about different aspects of their culture such as, the use of body decorations, the Calusa hospitality, and the way they would provide a royal welcome was a great insight to their lives. Body decorations were used to accentuate the people of the tribe, these decorations included: Ear ornaments, Beads, Ornaments, Gorget ornaments, and even body paint/ tattoos. Instantly when I saw the hut representing what these people lived in I was captivated by the simpleness. The structure of the hut enabled the Calusa people to maximize the space as well as stand up to the weather conditions of the Gulf Coast. Being able to create a shelter out of the elements from mother nature that would last is amazing considering the time period the Calusa people were apart of.

Traditional Calusa Hut

Nature and Ethics

As Leopold says that we need to "love, respect, and admire" the land to be considered members of the "biotic community" rather than "conquers of the land". I had the opportunity to experience nature in the way Leopold talked about in the Butterfly Rainforest. Walking through the lush greenery of the rainforest surrounded by so many different butterflies was very captivating. Being surrounded by all of the plant life and butterflies, it really made me feel like I was in a real rainforest. I keep getting the sense that there were so may other butterflies all over but spotting them was somewhat difficult. There were several butterflies right in front of me that I spotted on rocks after minutes of searching, but at first glance they almost blend in to there surroundings. Other people walking through the exhibit all seemed to be in good spirits each searching for hidden butterflies among the lush plant life. Despite not being able to touch much of anything outside you were still able to take in the beauty that nature has to offer. From my experience in the museums butterfly exhibit I found myself appreciating all of what nature has to offer and the endless bounds of its capabilities.

The picture on the left is a butterfly that I spotted in the exhibit which I thought was very colorful. The image on the left is of another butterfly blending into the rocks it was perched on. It took me several minutes to even realize that it was blending in with the rocks.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum allows us to connect to the eternal so we are able to recognize the mystery and majesty that the universe has to offer. Our world has changed tremendously since the beginning of time and walking through the FLMNH allows us to take a sneak peak back into the world before mass cultivation. Seeing how animals that one day roamed this earth that no longer exist in today generation was mind blowing. The different animals and traits that have been passed down through genes and even those that didn't resulting in death by that of natural selection. Only the strong will survive. Each gene adapting to the changing world to be better suited for the environment around. All of the different species that roam this earth are mesmerizing, especially how the same animal such as a butterfly can have a multitude of different variations all for the same species. Leading to the fact that the natural world in all of its beauty is a mesmerizing mystery.

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