Religion Project By: JAKE MARSHALL 3B


Al-Masjid Al-Haram, Mecca

My first site to visit was the most religious site in all of Islam. Mecca, the biggest mosque in the entire world, is the most common site of pilgrimage for muslims. All muslims are expected to travel to this site at least once in their lives. During the hajj portion of the year up to two million people worship within or surrounding the mosque at one time. This site is centered around the kaaba, the location that all muslims face when praying.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Medina

I then visited the second largest mosque in all of the world, the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in medina. This mosque is said to have been built by the prophet muhammad and is open for worship every day of the year. This mosque is a popular stop for muslims making a pilgrimage to mecca.


Western Wall, Jerusalem

My first visit to a holy location of the Jewish faith was a trip to the western wall. This structure is the only remaining portion of the second temple of Jerusalem that is left intact after the destruction of the temple by the Romans. It is a common jewish practice to insert prayers or prayer requests into the wall. Here i observed many hasidic Jews praying while standing very close to the wall.

Temple of the Mount, Jerusalem

This visit was very surprising to me. This site is important to three major religions judaism, islam, and christianity, but only muslims are allowed within. This place is important to judaism because it is said to contain the site of the holy of hollies and an inner sanctum where God once dwelt. Though jews aren't allowed within, this place is still very sacred to members of the jewish faith.


Jagannath Temple

Originally built a monument to the Hindu god Vishnu, the next place on my trip was called the Jagannath temple. This temple contains an awe inspiring idol that is claimed to be the manifestation of Krishna. As i walked through the temple I noticed the many statues dedicated to the preserver god.

Dwarakadish Temple

Next I visited the city of Dwarka. This location appears numerous times in Hindu Holy texts and was a captivating site to behold. It is said that lord Brahma told the sages that Dwarka was a proper place to worship due to its holy location where the river Gomathi merged into the sea. This site is dedicated to the worship of the Hindu god Krishna.


Maha Bodi Temple

This interesting site that I visited is said to be the location that the Buddha achieved enlightenment. According to legend, after enlightenment a Buddhist emperor visited the site and erected a diamond throne at the seat of enlightenment. When I entered the temple I beheld the giant statue of Buddha in the touching ground pose.


My last visit to a holy site of a religion other than my own took me to Lumbini, Nepal. This location is the birthplace of the Buddha and includes a location that is sacred due to it being the place of the Buddha's first bath. The Buddha spent the first 29 years of his life here and left many sacred objects.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This location is the most sacred of all of my travels for me. This church contains the two most sacred sites of Christianity. This church is the location of Jesus's crucifixion and conquering of death in Resurrection. The church is very popular for pilgrims of Christianity.

Gateway Church

When I returned back home, I returned to my youth group on Wednesday nights at Gateway Church. My Family usually attends another church on Sunday but I like to go here on youth nights with my friends and worship.


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