Life in the 1930s By: Kelly Schipper

Most people in the 1930s did whatever they could to make money.

Farmers had it really hard in the 1930s because they weren't able to sell their crops as much or buy the things that they needed to keep making money.

This is a picture of police officers testing life jackets.

There was a lot of suffering in the 1939s because most people couldn't afford food or other essentials products.

Everyone was getting prepared for a war.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States and also the president for most of the Great Depression. F.D.R. came up with The New Deal, this would use the power of the American government to help restart the down spiral economy.

Later on in his presidency, F.D.R. launched a second New Deal that had a harder approach, with the last New Deal it restored Americans confidence but it certainly did not end the Great Depression.

In 1935 he passed The National Labor Relashions Act, also known as The Wagner Act. This gave workers the right to form unions and negotiate wages.

Since most families didn't have much of an income in the 1930s it made it hard to find intertainnment. This is the time when board games became big, especially monopoly. They also liked stamp collecting, and listening to the radio. They liked to listen to the radio for the sitcoms or to hear F.D.R.'S speeches.

The birth rate declined traumatically in the 1930s due to break up of families.

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