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What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen is someone who follows political and social laws. A political law is a law that is passed by the government, but a social law is a law that is just enforced by people. For example, a social law could be, tip the waiter, a political law could be, no stealing. Secondly, a good citizen pays their taxes, because taxes help pay for government paid things like paving roads and building schools. Thirdly, a good citizen exercises their right to vote for president, because this means their opinion gets considered by the government. Lastly, a good citizen is aware of their right of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak what you believe without getting punished for it. In conclusion, a good citizen should be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

What is the most effective form of government?

The most effective form of government is dictatorship. Firstly, Dictatorship is the most effective form of government because all the decisions can be made a lot quicker than other forms of government.These decisions can be made quicker because the dictator has all the power, so there isn't anyone to disagree with him. This is ignoring consent of the governed because there is no other government to give their consent, but that is a good thing in some cases. Secondly, dictatorship is the most effective form of government because it is easier to try new ideas.It is easier to try new ideas because nobody can vote against these laws. The dictator can basically just think up an idea then immediately try it, which can result in some good things. Also, this is especially good when it is related to the military, so there is no time wasted arguing about what to do while the army is getting defeated in battle. In conclusion, though dictatorship is the most effective form of government, it is not fair because the dictator can ignore citizen’s rights and ignore separation of power, rights of the minority, and all the other limits of government.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

Many forces in the EU are centrifugal or centripetal for cooperation.Firstly, a centripetal force in the EU is the common market and trade bloc. A common market causes people to want to join the EU or stay in the EU because people can transport goods across countries without having to pay tariffs. Also, a common market creates a trade bloc which gives countries more power and a chance of winning a war because if you attack one country in the EU, you attack the entire EU. Secondly, a centrifugal force in the EU is that the western side is more wealthy than the eastern side. This is a centrifugal force because Western Europe is afraid that their money will be spent on the poorer countries. Also, the people in the east will work for less, so when they go to the western side, the westerners will get fired from their jobs and the easterners will get hired. In conclusion, there are lots of centripetal forces like a common market, and there are lots of centrifugal forces like the difference in the standard of living.


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