Electrical/Construction Brady Van Gorp

what is an electrician?

  • A person that deals with electricity
  • Electric or concerned with electricity
  • Wires buildings

electricians tools

electricians use tools like:

  • Drills and screw drivers
  • Pliers and wire strippers
  • Saws and knives
  • Tape measures and chalk lines
  • Levels
  • Hammers

pulling wire

  • fish tape and/or fish sticks
  • moving wire through a house


  • electricians can earn $20,000 to $100,000

what is construction?

Construction is the building of buildings.

  • Tape measures, hammers, and crow bars.
  • Pliers, chalk lines, and knives.
  • Drills, saws, nail guns,

planning for the job

  • Many things are needed prepareing jobs
  • Job trailers have all your tools
  • Blue prints are a need for jobs.

job managers

  • Make sure things get done
  • instruct all their employees


  • construction managers earn approximately $85,000
  • construction helpers earn approximately %30, 000

setting rafters

  • setting rafters uses lifts or tellahandlers
  • rafters are the slopes of a roof

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