Camping Trip By: sari k.

I went on the camping trip with my whole cabin, one of our counselors, and two trippers (experienced campers). We used a van to travel to all of our travel sites

It was quite a long drive and we were all starving, so we stopped at a pizza restaurant. This was a relief because most of us have not eaten out of camp for the past 3 weeks so it felt abnormal going to a restaurant.

After eating, we headed to a lake (note: this was in the summer time), to swim and lay out in the sun.
Due to the long and busy day, we finally arrived at our camping site. We ended up having two big tents that fit up to 6 people each. As for the trippers, one slept on the table, and the other slept on a hammock.

After getting all comfortable, we eventually had set up a camp fire

The trippers brought their guitar, so they played music

Instead of the original "s'more", we instead made "s'moreos". S'moreos are like s'mores, but instead of graham crackers and chocolate, it is just an oreo (the cookies {and the cream inside}) with a marshmallow stuck in the middle of the two cookies. It was fun making them because on camping trips, there is always something new to try!

The tripper continued playing the guitar and we sang more common songs that we all knew, especially ones that are traditional for singing back at camp.

After all of the fun at the fire, it was officially that time to go in our tents. It was hard to do things that involved water, because this was our only water source and it came out in little amounts and a good amount of us had to use it, so we had to be patient. But, there was thankfully a closed bathroom.
Something really surprising that night happened...Campers and counselors from Camp Tamarack (I went to Camp Walden), showed up at the camping site, and they were staying right across from us. I saw some recognizable faces because my sister and brother both go/ went there, so I was really excited because I thought I was going to see them (because we were all away at camp at the same time). Turns out, neither one of them were there, but the campers knew my siblings so that was a "small world!"
I stayed in a huge tent with 5 of my other friends and we stayed up for hours playing card games. We all had the same favorite card game and it was really fun playing.
Imagine: being in a tent with 6 sleeping bags, 6 people, 6 carry-on bags, with everyone sitting in a circle playing card games with flashlights lighting up the whole tent in the pitch black darkness and everyone all cozzied up, sharing blankets with each other, laughing and interacting together and enjoying "the life" without any phones or any other non-batteried power technology. That's exactly what it was like and it was the best and so stress- free and enjoyable. That's how I wish it was like everyday.

My friend swore that she felt a snake slithering under our tent in the middle of the night. Plus, one the trippers said that he heard wolves. So, yes, there is a lot of wildlife in the middle of nowhere!

In the morning for breakfast, we ate oatmeal, because it was one of the easiest travel food, especially because we had a fire to heat it up and boil the water.

After cleaning up everything and packing up, we headed to another destination sight... The Sand Dunes! Trust me, it is not as easy as you think to climb up a big mountain of sand. But, we managed to make it to the top and let me tell you, it was totally worth it.

The view at the top was absolutely incredible...

...It was a perfect view of the lakes and trees, and the whole northern part of Michigan

The fun part of going to the "Sleeping Bear Dunes", is running down big hills!
At last, we went to another lake. The water was freezing cold (at both lakes we went to). However, we brought shampoo and body wash into the lake to wash ourselves off (for those of us who could make it in). We also had someone's underwater camera, so we used it to take funny pictures. Then, there were also more of us that through out our towels in the sand, while we lied out on them tanning.

The cool thing was that we parked our van a while walk away from the lake, and we had to walk through this little path through the woods, where there were more campsites, and then we took the wooden steps down to the lake

After the lake, we headed back and right before heading back into the woods and to our van, we found a bench, where the trippers took out the portable stove (which is really cool because I didn't even know they had it)!

We popped jiffy pop (stove popcorn) and all shared it, along with bread and peanut butter and jelly.

We spent our time in the van rides playing with a lot of silly putty. It definitely kept us entertained (even though it got stuck to some of our clothing and will never come out).

At last, it was time to head back to camp. From going to camp, I've learned to enjoy the things around me while they last and to make the most of my life, because it is for making great memories and surrounding yourself with good vibes.

These are just a couple of original photos from the camping trip. (Shout out to my friend, Liliana, for having these and taking the picture of the view on her camera).


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