5 Days of Photoshop: Day 3 Project Instructions

Step 1: Ground Rules

During the next 5 days before winter break, students will have 1 class period to complete a given task. Each day, students are provided a prompt and shown 1 -2 examples. They then have the remainder of that class time to complete the assignment.


Students will utilize photo manipulation skills to produce an image based on a prompt every day for 5 days.


  • Photoshop
  • Google: Look up your own tutorials & photos to complete each task.
  • Drawing Wacom Tablet (Optional)


  • Photoshop Document size: 10in X 10in Resolution 300
  • Name the Jpeg : Literal001_lastnameFristname, Literal002_lastnameFristname, Literal003_lastnameFristname, Literal004_lastnameFristname, Literal005_lastnameFristname
  • List the compound word your photo is a literal interpritation of in a private comment when you turn in to google classroom.
  • Turn in a jpeg of your project to google classroom.
  • NO PHOTOSHOP FILES (PSD)!! If you turn in a psd you will receive no credit.
  • Due by the end of class.

Day Three, Literal Interpretations!:

Pick five compound words and create 5 images that depict literal interpretations. What would a fly look like if it were on fire? Firefly. What would the moon look like if it were made of honey? Honeymoon.

Examples of something you could do. Left Picture: Carpool Right Picture: Hairspray

Due by the End of Class.

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