SELF-LOVE A boudoir experience by lindsay rae photography

YOU are completely, totally sexy.

I am a believer that all women are beautiful, and that just because we grow older, become mothers, wives and business women, that does not mean that we simply stop being sensual, feminine beings deserving of recognition.

Most of us women struggle with self image. Why do we struggle with this? Because we internalize the unrealistic physical expectations that are portrayed through the media and often feel dowdy, unappealing, and inferior. I'm telling you that you're lovely.

Do you know that you're beautiful? Are you still trying to fit into an impossible mold, thinking you could be perfect if you could just fix one little thing? You won't find perfection by losing a few more pounds or trying to hide each imperceptible blemish. You are perfectly beautiful now.

1. FIRST MEETING - Every session begins with an initial consultation so we can get to know one another. On the phone or over a video chat - we love to spend some time and talk about who you are and who you'd love to become during our session. We also encourage clients to use this time for questions and ideas; and we love to tell you about our beautiful print products to give you ideas for the final outcome of your session.

2. BOOK IT! - After the initial consultation, we'll work together to book your session date. We have some wonderful ideas for finding the perfect lingerie which we love to share with our clients!

3. THE BIG DAY - Once you arrive our professional hair/makeup artist will be ready to create the perfect look you're going for! We include your pro hair/makeup services, we have locations and props that will create a variety of looks within your photoshoot, we'll help you with your outfit selection, we use flattering lighting/retouching, and we will pose you down to your fingertips! As you can see there's nothing to worry about, we've got you covered! With our all-female staff you're in good hands!

4. END RESULTS - After your photoshoot, we will invite you back for a special reveal of your images. We will have all of our products available to view, touch and feel. It is at this private viewing that you will be able to order prints, upgrade your albums, and choose from a variety of beautifully crafted photo products that can be delivered right to your door.


We recommend bringing wardrobe options that cover all aspects of your personality. From girl next door, to sultry and sexy, to high fashion and glamorous. Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are. Once you book, we will send a welcome packet with great tips and tricks for prepping for your shoot, including links to some of our favorite lingerie designers. In addition to these helpful resources we also advise you to make a Pinterest board with outfits ideas that you love! From there we can always guide you towards the best designers for outfits that are flattering to your figure and style.

If you have lots of ideas and outfits and you're having trouble narrowing them down then we always recommend you bring a suitcase full of stuff! ...what?!?

Yes, I'm not joking. We recommend you bring lots of things when you arrive and we can help you narrow them down once you arrive for your shoot.


Whether it's your engagement ring, your partner's favorite watch, a vintage parasol, a sparkly necklace, your favorite sunglasses, or a brightly colored scarf, accessories can add personality and interest to your photos.


Oh, and did we say more SHOES?! Shoes are truly and integral part of your images - they set a mood, express your personality, and can add touches of sexy, classy, or cute! Boots, flats, heels, stilettos - we love them all. We recommend bringing multiple pairs of shoes (heels and stilettos are always a favorite) to experiment with what works best with your outfit.


Bringing multiple outfits is always a great idea. You may not feel as comfortable in some than others, and you'll never know what looks absolutely fabulous until you're wearing it in front of the camera! You never know - even an old shirt or two from the hubby's closet can look amazing. We can also help you pick and choose the most flattering items from your collection, so bring it on!


Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie can really make your photos shine. Even a small touch of color, such as a scarf or anklet, among an otherwise muted palette can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition. If you're not sure what colors, patterns, and textures would go best with your hair and skin tones, just ask! We love making recommendations and talking about style with clients.


Thigh-highs, garter belts, high-waisted bottoms, extra-lacey negligees, structured corsets, and textured fabrics such as lace, leather, suede, or cashmere look amazing on camera. We love photographing you in anything (or nothing) - but unique, interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photos really incredible. Leather, tulle, and lace catch light beautifully!


Erin is a hard-working beauty enthusiast whose passion for all beauty has been apparent for as long as she can remember. She is constantly seeking inspiration from everything that surrounds her. Her passion is fueled by the love and support of her husband, her fur-baby Winston, and of :)

In 2010 Erin's passion was lit on fire as she joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as an Independent Beauty Consultant and was granted the opportunity to consult women and teach them the importance of skin care and cosmetic application techniques. Erin watched women's confidence grow as they became knowledgeable in the the products they were using and were taught how to enhance the beauty that already existed. Her desire to spread beauty and confidence to all women she came across continued to cultivate daily.

In early 2014, she trained in Boston, MA, where she worked alongside an array of professional artists and became certified in professional airbrush application, bridal and special event makeup application, and editorial artistry. Since completing her certifications, her makeup artistry career has continued to develop in more ways than she could have ever imagined. "The thing I love most about makeup for boudoir is watching our clients discover themselves in a new light as their makeup changes and their shoot progresses, being able to tell them yes when they have that 'Is that me?!' moment."




BEAUTY IS AN ART. It's not about how you look, but rather how you feel about the way you look. confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all need. Confidence, self-acceptance and personality is what I bring out in the women I photograph. I need you to know you're perfect now. It is my job to coach and find the model within you that I know is there. Some of us forget what it's like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get too busy with our lives, our family, and our job. This experience is for you to feel that again...because you truly are perfect right now. With professional experience in posing, angles, lenses, and lighting, we've found what works for others - and for you, too. You are a beautiful woman, and we're going to prove it to you.

WHAT IS POST-PRODUCTION? You can rest at ease knowing that we know what women want when it comes to editing. Our clients love how we do this! They love it because we bring out the best in them without changing who they are. We remove those unwanted blemishes, lighten the circles under the eyes, balance skin tones, and add that special touch to leave the image looking like your best and most beautiful self!

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. We recommend bringing wardrobe options that cover all aspects of your personality. From girl next door, to sultry and sexy, to high fashion and glamorous. Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are. Although we love to make you look your absolute best, we are unable to accommodate requests for reducing waist sizes or adding/removing major features. We encourage our clients to wear outfits that flatter your best parts and hide those you may not love so much - and are happy to provide our advice and experience on what to wear before the session!


Whether you're single, married, beginning a new chapter, or ending an old one - the images we create together will boost your confidence and improve your self-image. If you're booking to give images as a gift, remember that this is just as much a gift to yourself, and that is priceless! All prints and photo products are professional grade and Heirloom quality and made to last a lifetime. Crafted by artisans from archival-quality materials, and handmade in the finest Italian fashion, we offer nothing but the very best in options and craftsmanship to our clients.

"I've long believed that a talented photographer is worth their weight in gold & Lindsay is a sublime example to prove it...Thanks to her professionalism, creativity & kind heart, it was an empowering adventure with fantastic results that I will truly cherish forever." -Sarah W.

We have two ways to book!

1.) We offer 4 pre-paid all-inclusive collections that are discounted for advanced purchase.


2.) The Self Love Experience + all physical and digital products a la carte, which are to be purchased at your reveal and ordering session scheduled about a week after your session.

You don't need a special occasion to book a boudoir session; it's a special occasion in itself.

"When I first arrived to take pictures with Lindsay, she was editing an earlier shoot. The makeup artist was prepared to start, and Lindsay bounced between telling me how amazing the makeup looked and checking out the pictures she had taken the previous day. It was like watching and talking to a ball of energy! Photography seems easy. What Lindsay did with our session was beyond photography. It was a way to bring out a side of a person, me, that other people have seen, but that is hidden behind my own image of myself when I am looking in the mirror. Lindsay's boudoir session included shots that were artistic and soft - which were the shots she loved the most and included shots that were feminine and strong - which were the ones I was drawn to. With every photo she captured a moment that allowed me to see what my husband and my close friends have tried to convince me is there. A strong, beautiful, graceful, and sensual person. Lindsay is professional, but not stuffy, and has enlisted a great circle of people to help make her sessions an experience. I am happy to endorse her work and her business." -Liz C.


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