Sexuly transmitied diseases By:Abigail Callejas, Leydi Escobar, Jenifer Escalante , & JAiro Romero

who does it infect, who contacts it, who carries STD or AIDS ???

STDĀ“s specifically Aids are diseases that are passed on from one person to another through sexual contact, and sometimes by genital contact Everyone in the world can get STD. The people who carries it could be anyone in the world .

Is it a disease or disorder ?? STD is not a disorder cause to get STD u have to eathier have sexual contact with a person or sometimes u could get it through genital contact so therefor STD is a disease

When was STD discovered and who discovered it? Aids was discovered in 1983 by A research group led by Dr.Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur institute in Paris

where was it found ,where can you get treatment ,where does it infect your body/ animals ??? Aids where first found in Africa and slowly spread around the world You could get treatment in a hospital they have the medication and ability to help people. IT infects the immune system in the body it attacks cell called CD4. Animals get aids this i called SIV from monkeys. only causes AIDS in macaques and humans not monkeys. Cat FIV is silent in large cats but causes some disease in housecats. And so on.

why do people or animals catch it ??? people and animals are the same . we both can catch aids eathir sexuly or through genatil contact also if a human or animals blood comes in contact with the blood of an infected human or animals u could also get it like that as well

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