My Career Research Project By Anthony lacava

My highest scoring Naviance interests are Investigative and Enterprising. I think that these interests are true. I am always over thinking and involve many ideas. I always want to be a leader in a group project.

I want to be a Criminal Investigator. I would like to be a Criminal Investigator because I like to over think about mysteries. My goal for when i get older is to be a leading detective.

To be come a criminal investigator, you will need to have a bachelor degree in natural science. Some programs may specialize in a specific area of study. You mainly need to know toxicology, pathology, or DNA.

This is the degree you need to become a investigator
this shows toxicology

3 colleges that accept my major are The George Washington University, West Virginia University, and Florida State University.

The George Washington University's average is 99.16. The college is Washington D.C.

West Virginia University's average is 84.18. The college is in West Virginia.

Florida State University's average is 94.17. The college is in Florida.

There are not so many classes in our high school that can help me be a criminal investigator. One of the classes i can take is forensics. In forensic you learn how to see finger prints and learn about how they track DNA.

The people that works as a criminal investigator, mainly work in the office. They also take interviews and conduct surveillance. They also work in laboratories too. they also investigate what type of weapon they use.

When your a criminal investigator, you get paid really good in my opinion.


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