Curiosity is arguably the most important habit of mind as it can drive all the others. With curiosity a student can be driven to achieve anything. Curiosity helped me this semester immensely. First and foremost, during the monster essay. Because we were allowed to chose our monster or villain, we were able to cater to our interests or curiosities, and because of this, the project went much smoother. Curiosity well also help me greatly in my future endeavors. Curiosity will most likely be the driving factor in accomplishing my goals, or having new experiences. It will help me stay motivated and seek out things I haven't done before along with making it all fun and exciting.


Engagement goes hand in hand with curiosity. While it's possible to be disengaged and curious, it's difficult. Curiosity drives engagement. There hasn't been a time I can remember when I was curious but not engaged, and it can go the other way as well. In my monster essay, when I was engaged, I was curious and dove deeper for more information. Engagement helped me this semester by allowing me to do quality work. If I was engaged, I was more willing to take time to put in the needed effort, but when I wasn't, it was a different story. In the future, engagement will help me build a future for myself and just like in class, allow me to do quality work in whichever field I may be engaged.


Yep, you guessed it, persistence also goes with curiosity and engagement. Engagement and curiosity are the starting blocks to get you going, but persistence is the food to keep you going. Without persistence, engagement and curiosity might as well be futile. Persistence helped me this semester when writing my monster essay draft. I had to write a computer program that night as well and I totally forgot about my draft so I had to stay up really late in the computer science building writing a half-assed draft. However, that taught me a little more about persistence. And persistence will help me later in life in similar situations. When I feel unmotivated or down-and-out, I know that being persistent will help me complete my goals.


Responsibility goes along with the previous 3 as well. I know, I know, I'm being repetitive as hell. While I said persistence is the fuel to keep your marathon going, responsibility is the pacing needed to not burnout (lots of running references). Responsibility was important during class mostly for journey logs. I had to hold myself responsible for these weekly assignments. I also had to hold myself responsible for other assignments and deadlines. Responsibility will also help me later in life outside the workplace/classroom. I need to take responsibility for all my actions within all aspects of my life.

Journey Logs

I like to think my journey logs have stayed pretty consistent throughout the semester, the ones I've complete that is. I definitely did not like them from the beginning and that did not change. Choosing to be a warrior was a mistake, solely because of the journey logs. Writing 600 words and exploring TWO habits of mind was just not ideal. Most of the time I got extremely redundant and wrote really plain logs. I also reached for a lot of the points I talked about, generally not making sense. I also didn't feel any benefit from writing them. I understand the benefit of reflection, but when I feel like we don't do much to reflect on in class, it starts to seem a little pointless. Overall, this reflection is the most beneficial, and would still be so without the previous journey logs. Although this became an unintended course evaluation, I would recommend maybe doing a journey log after every major project when reflection is needed the most.

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