The Triangle Fire How new labor laws Impacted work conditions: By Evelyn


Death, panic, and fear are the words to describe the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The Triangle Factory fire was one of the most devastating work accidents to happen in New York. Work conditions were absolutely horrible and just a few adjustments could've saved everyone who died. Although many lost their lives, positive outcomes came out of the terrible event, such as a safer working environment.

The outcome of the Triangle Factory fire had affect thousands of people. Before the incident working conditions and state labor laws were absolutely terrible. Ever since that day they decided to change the laws.

Working Conditions—

Most of the deaths cause in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire were due to poor safety and working conditions. Some issues were the fact that the factory owners, Mr. Blanck and his parter Mr. Harris, had locked most of the safety doors and that they had never done any safety procedures with the workers. No water was connected to the hose and the fire escape was very rusty and unable to carry so much weight. Their was very little space through the sewing machines and the cutting tables that people tripped over each other and were slowed down.

The Solution—

After the fire, investigators had a look inside the burnt building and saw the reason why so many people had died. They brought Mr. Black and Mr. Harris to court where they had denied any wrongdoing. Eventually they gave up and paid 75 dollars for each of the 146 people that lost their lives. After that 36 new labor laws were passed in the U.S during the next three years. Some include mandatory safety drills, automatic sprinklers, and sanitation throughout the building. Thanks to these new laws factory workers won't be in the same trouble as the workers in the Triangle fire were.


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