Rendering Colored Pencils Fashion Illustration

The first step to using colored pencils is to pick out all of the colors you are going to use for the picture that you have drawn. In this case pick out the colors you want to use for the skin, hair, and outfit. These were the pencils that I used for my drawing. I used every shade of blue and a few different shades of brown, orange, and pink.

After you have your pencil picked out pick a staring point. For me I started with the jeans. Because I wanted the jeans to have a textured look I used the cross-hatching technique. I started with the lightest color on the bottom and finished with the darkest color on top. I did this for my whole drawing.

For the hair I started with the darkest brown and then went back over it with the lighter brown to add highlights. I did this because I wanted to add an effect where the hair looked like it a had a blend of two different colors.

My next step was the skin. I used the same technique that I did on the jeans. I started with the lighter brown and then put the darker brown on top.

Here is the finished picture. I used a red/brown pencil for the shoes and the top and a purple pencil for the lips.

Created By
Sofia Johnson


Created with images by Markus Grossalber - "Coloured pencils"

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