Powerful Polar Bears by allie gray

Do you know that theres a white bear that lives on top of world?


Polar bears have soft and fluffy fur that is white. Polar bears have a thick layer of fat called blubber. Blubber helps polar bears stay warm when it gets very cold. A polar bear's powerful paws can easily catch a seal. Polar bears have big teeth to eat their prey. They have black eyes and a big black nose for hunting and tiny ears. their white fur is great camouflage to trick prey. polar bears look like they have white fur but actually have black skin and webbed feet for swimming.

Polar Bears are really big, larger than a car!


When cubs are born they weigh a few pounds 16 to 24 oz most female polar bears have twins. When cubs are born they are so tiny. A polar bear's den protects cubs from crazy wind and freezing temperatures and predators. Polar bears nurse for 12 to 18 weeks. Cubs drink their mother's warm milk until they eat solid food at 2 months. At 3 to 4 months the cubs will venture outside.

most cubs are born in november


Polar bears mainly eat meat. Polar bears eat ringed seals and bearded seals sometimes they eat walrus, beluga whale, bowhead whales, carcasses, and bird eggs.

seals can be cute but polar bears hunt them


Global warming is when pollution is making the earth warmer, this is a big threat to polar bears.

pollution can be very dangerous to polar bears

The ice is melting in the arctic! This is bad because polar bears hunt on ice and if they can't hunt they won't have enough food. Polar bears are vulnerable because there's only 25,000 left in the wild!

You can help polar bears by not smoking, pollution, and travelling to the arctic.


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