Relaxing and Mindfulness by Eva Nyhan

Here is one thing you can do when you are stressed at home or to calm your self down.

Lie on your back, close your eyes with your palms facing up. If you don't want to lie on your back then sit up with a straight back and your legs crossed. With your hands on your lap. Think of a happy thought or memory ,when you have that happy thought or memory ,take a deep breath in and count to four, then exhale and count to four again. Do that 20 times or as long as you want .Put on some music on that does not have words, while you are doing this, (there is some music when you scroll down). When you have finished sit there for a minute or two and ask yourself these questions.

1. Do I feel better ?

2. Why do I feel better ?

3. If not, why don't I feel better ?

4. What can I do to feel better ?

Here is some music to use while you are being mindful

The Nature sounds and Stunning Aquarium are the one I think are the best to listen too.

Whenever you are feeling not yourself ,ask yourself some questions like.

1. Why am I not myself today, how can I help myself feel better ?

2. Should I tell mum or teachers so I can have some help with what I’m upset with ?

3. Can I work this out myself or with a friend ?

4. Do I have any relaxation techniques that I can use ?

5. What can I do next time to make this kinder to myself?

There are many different techniques you can use. Some of them can be used when you are stress.

When you take deep breaths . You slow your body down and your heart starts beating slower , you should feel more in control and calmer ,not as stressed. Here is a simple technique that you can use.

1. Take some deep breaths.

2. Hold in for four seconds.

3. Then exhale for four seconds

4. Keep going until you feel happy and relaxed.

Squeeze a Stress Ball

When you are stressed or worried you can squeeze a stress ball they are very easy to make and can be really useful when you are stressed .

having a stretch

Having a stretch can help your muscle relax after a day that might have stressed you out. Getting exercise helps you feel more relaxed and happy. Why not try a shoulder roll-out or chest-opening stretch right from the chair?


The power of music links to our emotions and it can be an effective stress management tool. Music relaxes your mind and helps you think of other things this helps to explore your emotions. It means this is a great tool of meditation and helping to the mind to calm down. Deciding what music to listen too can be hard but even if you don't listen to classical music it could be worth a try. When people are very stressed, they avoid listening to music because they might think it is a waste of time. But lying on the ground and doing mindfulness exercises with music for a minute or two can help a lot.

mindfulness relaxing

Lying on the grass can be very relaxing and looking up at the clouds. You can see more shapes and make up some too. You don't need music. You might even enjoy yourself . So just lie on the grass and have fun making shapes out of the clouds.

Here is some music to listen to while your lying on your back. It is called Relaxing Snow.

Thank you for reading and I hope this is useful !


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