1.Scoring more runs than the other team wins the game

In baseball, you win the game by scoring more runs. Now runs can come in all sorts of ways but the principle is to touch first base, second base, third base, and back to home plate before you or your team gets three outs by hitting the ball or walking. Ways to score are, stealing bases and getting closer to home, hitting the ball and not getting out allowing your teammate to advance, hitting a home run, bunting, and extra base hits.

2. Picking a position to specialize

Choosing a position is a crucial piece. As you get older, you don't get to play multiple positions as much as you do when you are younger. Growing up I was an outfielder, first baseman and pitcher and as I got older, I chose to specialize at pitching because I knew it would benefit me as I got older and it is something I love to do.

3. High Socks vs Low Cuffs

In the baseball realm, there are realistically 2 types of people. The people who wear their pants up at the knee, or the pants down at the cleats. The most common style is pants down, but many ball players still wear them up at the knee, like me. The pants up style is a more throwback way to wear your baseball pants and pants down is the way to go in today's era.

4. It's all about the leather

What mitt do you use? There are a bunch of solid baseball brands like Wilson, Rawlings, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, Nike, and Under Armour that make baseball gloves. It is all about your preference though, what feels the best on your hand, what style web you want, color ways, type of leather, long or short laces, etc. According to MLB.com, the 4 most popular types of gloves used in the MLB are the Wilson A2k, Wilson A2000, Rawlings heart of the hide, and Rawlings pro-preffered. These are gloves that feel the best for the top players in the world.

5. Playing Surface

A baseball field is not always a perfectly tended diamond like you see in the MLB. Sometimes, you can catch yourself playing on rock hard dirt with big rocks that cut you up when you slide or playing on soft, padded and slightly wet dirt that makes you feel sound while playing. And then there are the turf fields, which are like playing on carpet. So just know, you don't always et to pick where you play, or what surface you are on. You just have to deal with it.

6. Softball is NOT just baseball for girls

The 2 sports are much more different than people think. The principles are the same, which are hit the ball and score runs while the defense tries to stop that from happening, but it's the little things that count. A baseball field is nearly twice the size of a softball field with the fence at 400 feet as softball fields are at 200, the ball is much bigger and heavier in softball, and everything is closer. The distances between bases, pitchers mound to home plate, etc. In baseball you are also allowed to lead off of a base, which gets you closer to the next base, but also puts you in position to get picked off and be out.

7. Bunting is an art

Many people like to say "Don't bunt". What they actually know but don't want to admit is it helps your team get another run on the board. A bunt is where your square your body up to the pitcher and lightly tap the ball with your bat putting it on the ground so it can not be caught for an out. There are three types of bunts. the most popular is the sacrifice bunt. This is what wins you games. You would usually do this with a runner on a base with less than 2 outs. It is like giving yourself up for the better of the team by allowing the runner to advance a base so it is more easy for the guy behind you to drive them in and earn another run. The other two types of bunts are the push bunt and the drag bunt, but those don't matter as much.

8. Go big or go home

Go big or go home. This is the complete opposite of the small ball tactic of bunting and the thing everyone goes to the game to see. The Home Run. When you are not asked to bunt, swing as hard as you can to try and hit the ball 500 feet. You do this by hitting the weight room, dipping your back shoulder and swinging out of your shoes. These things called home runs, they are how you get paid the big bucks. Ya bunting helps you win games and are effective, but you don't get paid twenty million a year to bunt. So go for the gold and hit that little white ball!!


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