Caerus By riley sheehy

Myth of Caerus

Caerus is known for being the youngest son of Zeus he marries Fortuna. He is in charge of bringing the right opportunity at the right time. Also good timing and seasons. He has winged feet to be able to fly. ""

His winged feet is used to fly.


He is the god of luck, favorable moments, and good opportunity.

“Caerus is represented as a young and beautiful god”( with one lock of hair.

His one lock of hair

He is most known for his opportunity more than the other characteristics.

He takes advantage of giving the right opportunity at the right time.""

Discussion statement and theme

Discussion statement: Caerus is one of the most important gods to the Greeks.


The theme of the character is that he is trustworthy and able to do stuff that needs to be done at the right moment. He is also quick on his feet with the wings on them. He is also known for his luck and uses it for getting people to do stuff at the right time. That is the theme of Caerus.


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