Helping our generation stay healthy, preventing disease

Help our generation stay healthy. We can all help do this by showing a good example for others.

The first and most important element to a healthy lifestyle is your diet. Weight loss depends seventy five percent on diet. Limiting sugar intake and replacing processed foods with fresh vegetables will improve your diet.

Exercising is also very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Twenty five percent of weight loss depends on exercise. Increasing physical activity will improve your overall feeling, and health.

If we take these simple steps described above, we could decrease the rate of disease, and help set an example of a healthier life, for others. Did you know that at least 68.8% of adults are overweight and 35.7% adults are obese? That is why it is very important to change what we eat and make good choices in our everyday life.

There have been so many story's about how fitness, in particular running, changed the life of many people, some say it help deal with depression, cancer, being overweight. One girl said she started off being fit and healthy but after college she stopped caring for her body and after a long hard day, she would sit down and eat a bag of oreos, util she noticed that she was obese. That is when she started exercising particularly running, and changed her eating habits, and the next time she felt tired of a hard day she would go get her shoes and run.

Remember! It's just two simple steps.

And you can change everything!


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