Found Poetry What's the Word?

Poems can make a statement...and they don't have to be so serious.

Poems can be about any topic...even the purpose of a news station.

Poetry is for all ages.

Now You Create

Cut out words from magazines to create your own found poems.

Need some ideas???

Think about the things you feel strongly about...both the positive and the negative.

Compare them to something...simile and metaphor.


  • Slam dunks are basketball bullets killing opponents' dreams of a win.
  • My rage is red-hot lava spewing uncontrollably from the volcano of my mouth.


Describe something intangible using sensory images, or tell what something intangible does.


  • Weariness is a cement block weighing down each foot and demanding that I stop.
  • Fear stalks me in the darkness, and I cannot outrun it.


Make a list. To make it pop, try starting each list with the same letter or having it rhyme.


  • Moms...nagging, bragging, scolding, molding, frustrating, exasperating, wonderful, invincible... moms.



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