Ulysses S. Grant 18th U.S President


Born April 27, 1822 Died July 23 1882

Born in Point Pleasant, OH in 1869

Went to the United States Military Academy from 1839-1843

His father was a Tanner who took animal hides and turned them into leathers

Ulyssess S Grant spent most of his life in the Military.

President Grant married Julia Grant in 1848.

President Grant had four children. four sons and one daughter.

Presidency (1869-1877)

Ulysses S. Grant was best known for leading the north to victory during the Civil War.

Ulysses fought in 10 wars during his Presidency.

Uylsses S. Grant made a bill to try to get ride of the KKK.


The "S" in Ulysses S. Grant Doesnt stand for anything.

President Grant tried farming at one point but was Unsucessful.

President Grant graduated from USMA as a "undistinguished" student.

Grants Qoute

"I only know 2 tunes, One is Yankee Doddle, the other is not"


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