Tales on the Trails Year One - the year in review, told by jeanne

We started this journey May 1st and my what adventures we did have.

As most of you know we started out of Bakersfield CA and headed north. We started with a plan and a budget! Well you know what they say about plans...and budgets lol

Let’s just go where the wind takes us...but it’s really Dave’s careful planning all the way. The plan was Dave’s favorite 2 2 2 rule. Which meant don’t drive over 200 miles in a day, be there by 2 o’clock and stay at least 2 days. Sounds good right?

But then throw in me saying I’d really like to...(just insert any random thing you could possibly think of) and that means Dave starts a new travel plan.

We visited family in Oregon, Montana and Wisconsin in the first few months.

We visited lots of natural wonders along the way. I’ve never seen a day old mountain goat, or waterfalls this spectacular before. And then the man made wonders like Mount Rushmore, and the Mayan ruins took my breath away.

We traveled over 6,000 miles and had the time of our lives. We met so many people and made a few new friends along the way. We had tons of people ask the same two questions. First one where do you get your mail? But if you stop and think about it there really isn’t that much mail you care about. Most things are done online these days. What mail we did receive went to my daughter's and she sent what we needed on to us.

The second question always made me smile. Don’t you get tired of hot dogs and hamburgers all the time? I think most people think if you live in an RV you must be “camping”. I tell them we eat the same as we did before only a bit more healthier I think. I can bake banana bread in my convection oven, or make a turkey breast in my instant pot. Don’t get me wrong we grill out but it’s no more often than when we lived in a house.

Dave does most of our blogs so I thought y’all might want to hear some from my perspective. We have a wonderful life and the adventure has just begun!


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