Exhibit 3: Retrieval Practice Study Cu1010 Dominic Pelucio

For this retrieval study, I chose three study methods to try out for my next Government class. First I used note cards. Displayed Below

Study note cards from Government
Study Note cards from Gov't

For my Second method of study, I use the study guide in my assigned textbook for the class. My professor for Government said most of the test questions are centered around the book. So I took that piece of valuable information and used it for my upcoming exam in this class.

Study Guide

The last study method I used was the mind mapping. On our exam we had to memorize the Bill of Rights. We have to understand all the 10 amendments. So I used mind mapping to just jot down all the amendments I understood and retained and finally I got all ten. Here is a picture below.

Okay. So I used all three methods to study 8 days before the exam. Fast forward to test day, I take the exam 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday. I feel confused, not really sure if I did well or not. Zoom ahead to Thursday, walk in to Government class, get my test back to see that I got a B on the exam. I finally figured out how to study efficiently and effectively. I will never forget that feeling of figuring out a method that works for you. It keeps me motivated.


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