Self Designed Experiment #2 CAPS

For this self designed experiment I decided to try out CAPS. This semester has been extremely hard on me both mentally and emotionally. I wanted to see if going to CAPS could improve my health.

CAPS was an interesting experience. I went to CAPS the week after spring break. During fall semester my friend killed himself. This semester a friend of mine passed away over spring break. A week later my boyfriend dumped me, and soon after that my grades began to decline. I fell into a state of laziness and minor depression. I quickly picked myself up but CAPS helped a lot.

These are the types of therapies you have to chose from.
This is group therapy. These are helpful to go to even if you have individual therapy as well.

When you first go to your appointment you sign in and they hand you an iPad. You take and assessment quiz and then you go meet your counselor. Zach is my counselor and he is so sweet and kind. He listens and take notes and then together you decide what the best form of treatment is. For my past assessment we decided on workshops for self care and dealing with depression and anxiety. They give you handouts like these:

The handouts are actually helpful and keep you engaged. I am going back at the end of April and am excited to show Zach how much I've grown.

Truth be told the hardest part is admitting you need to go there. The second hardest is going. I saw a lot of people I knew there, and that was difficult. I know they have problems because they are there as well, but sometimes that information doesn't always make the embarrassment any lesser.

If you have never heard of CAPS a great place to start would be:


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