Let The Refugees Be Free Year 7 English Ruby Fischer JPU

It is absolutely horrible to find out that last year Australia only took in 6000 resettled refugees and 13 000 permanent refugees. This is appalling considering we have so much room in our country but what are we using it for? Australia is just being selfish because they are just dying as refugees have no option but to risk their lives coming to a country that won’t accept them.

Firstly, in places like Northern Territory and Western Australia half of it is unpopulated but why? What are we using it for? The answer is that whatever they are doing with this space it can’t be more important than giving refugees a home. Australia must take action and use this space for refugees to live. Do you really want Australia to have to reject over 3000 refugees every year? We must use NT and WA for refugees to have homes.

Secondly, it should even be debated that refugees should be allowed in the country or not. Australia should almost be inviting them as they are coming from war-torn countries and we are sitting here saying no to them. UNHCR is a great way to get connected and help refugees. Over 1.19 million women, men and children need to be resettled in a safe country, yet only 30 countries offer just over 100,000 annual resettlement places. Let’s make Australia the best country by accepting all the refugees.

To sum up, it is absolutely essential that Australia allows refugees to come into the country. I have gotten involved with many websites including UNHCR and have helped out and you should to. Refugees are dying as fast as the foam flakes drift of the river. Do the right thing and change this horrible problem.

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