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There's Jay-Z, Diddy, Fat Joe, and then there's Mikey Jay. For those that have been sleeping under a rock for the past 15+ years let's acquaint and or reacquaint you with the hardest working, most generous yet slept on artist in the industry. Mikey Jay is not your average celebrity or public figure. Mikey Jay is a Native American-Trinidadian and African American. He is a mainstream recording artist, music producer, actor, clothing line owner, film producer and film financier Mikey Jay is also a civil rights activist, a fathers' rights activist, philanthropist and a community activist from the Southeast Bronx section of New York City. He is the true definition of a mogul.

Although he was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx, Mikey Jay overcame many trials and tribulations. Soon after he was born on Christmas Day, at 9:30am, Mikey's blood count shot up to a level that should have taken his life. Not too soon after that, his white blood cells began to feed on his red blood cells, He even endured a spinal tap. Through all of this, he has risen to become one of the most sought after artist, entertainers, producers and actors In the entertainment industry.

Mikey Jay gives much of his knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the music business credit to previous management and current mentors such as Mickey Bentson, Bert Padell, LadyMoore Saab, Terra Renee, Dr. Ishmael Bentancort, and other notables in the industry. His charismatic swagger, handsomely good looks and hilarious sense of humor has propelled Mikey Jay to the forefront of the music, film and television world. When other mainstream prominent artist or moguls are mentioned, Mikey Jays name is in the same conversation. He is the true definition of a mogul, humanitarian, entrepreneur, artist, and all around entertainer. Mikey Jay is Hip-Hop's best kept secret in the game. A premier artist whom is certified, solidified & accredited.






Take a journey with hip-hops best kept secret in the game Mikey Jay as he evolves through the course of his music career with music & videos that are sure to captivate and make fans out of non hip hop supporters and those who walked away from the culture and the music. Mikey Jays music will not only have you bobbing your head but it will uplift and bring back your hip hop spirit.








The Accolades Of Mikey Jay


• 2007, 2008, 2010 Guest judge on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Allstars Talent Network judge

Appeared on 4 Hot 97 mixtape cd's, Rotten Apple 5, Street Kings and many others.

2007 BK Sneaker endorsement

2008, 2009, 2010 Guest on the Funkmaster Flex Car Show in Ocean City Maryland

2011 & 2012 guest panelist for Reverend Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Economic Summit.

2015 Host of The City Of Hip-Hop

2015 Comedy Central Appearance

Production Credits

Nicole Wray




Jason Fox


Uncle Murda

Que (Day 26)

Cuban Linx

Triple Seis

And More


2 Grammy Nominations (shared)

10 Independent Music Awards

2017 Accolades

2017 Total Faith Network Community Media Honoree

2017 New York State Assembly Citation

2017 Westchester County NY Certificate Of Merit

2017 New York State Senate Certificate Of Recognition

2017 Westchester County Board Of Legislators Certificate Of Merit

2017 Office Of The Mayor Yonkers Citation

2017 New York City Council Citation


2009 single deal with Universal Records / Bungalo Records for the single Stupid Fresh.

On January 6th 2011 signed a recording deal with EMI Label Services & Rap Legends Recordings releasing his debut LP Can I Live

Guard Your Grill feat. Somaya Reece (Love & Hip Hop)

I.R.S (I Reign Supreme) released on Aigne Music Group

2012 signs new deal with RED- A division of Sony Music & Entertainment and Rap Legends Recordings

Love Jones single released Sony/RED /RLR February 12th 2012.

Principle owner & operator of Aigne Music Group distributed via Island Def Jam Digital & Interscope Digital Distribution


2012 Launches Guard Your Grill feat. Somaya Reece along with Guard Your Grill Gear to promote and market single.

2013 Guard Your Grill Gear distributed via 3 boutiques.

2013 Guard Your Grill gear is accepted to Target.

2013 Guard Your Grill gear is officially launched

Stevan-Paul Collection

The K Factory


2013 Ocktoberfest Achievement award recipient.

2011 "Beauty" supporting actor BET Black Filmmaker Showcase

2013 " Blowtorch" Directed by Kevin Breslin (SAG)

2013 "Forsaking All Others" Supporting Actor Directed By Kevin Breslin (SAG)

2013 "Ghetto Misery Uncut" (supporting actor) Directed by Teresa Davis

2013 "Chicken" (Cameo) Streetline Productions

2013 "The Haven House" Co-Star Jo'Ran Productions Inc as co-star / producer

2013 "Laced" Lead actor Directed by Teresa Davis

2014 "Teddy Bear" (Snuggie) co-star Directed by Kevin Breslin

2014 "Velocity" Co-Star Directed by Sean Brian

2014 "February Whine" Co-Star Directed By Tine Olan

2014 "Whitey 19" Directed by Sean Brian

2014 "Time Out" Lead Actor / Producer Directed by Rodolfo Duran

2014 "Scarred Memories" Lead Actor / Producer Directed by Rodolfo Duran

2014 "Follow Suit" Lead Actor / Producer Directed by Rodolfo Duran

2014 "Corporate Bully" Lead Actor / producer Directed by Rodolfo Duran

2014 "Color Blind" Lead Actor / producer directed by Rodolfo Duran

2014 "The Road Most Taken" Directed by Joe Gawalis

2014 "Memoirs From The Streets Of New York" Directed Joe Gawalis

2014 "Scars Of A Predator" cameo roll as a Bouncer

2014 "Turnaround" Directed by Mako San

2014 "Couch" Directed by Sean Ashanti

2014 "Mr. Right Now" Directed by Vera Edwards

2014 "Breaking Point" Directed by John Bianco


2013 Rock Out Celebrity Tour

2013 The United States Of Mikey Jay Tour with Coke Boys Boo Citi

Live Sonima Tour with Steadman Graham and Caroline Jones

Pink Elephant Benefacting Concert for Hurricane Katrina

2015 Mics Up Peace Tour December

2015 Dynamic Artists 4 Peace Tour

2015 Launches Dynamic Toy Drive Tour


2005 Diamond Life Magazine Cover

2014 HP Magazine Cover

2014 Oui R Hip-Hop Cover

2014 Barrio Magazine Cover

2014 Ebiz Magazine Cover

2014 Stardom 101 Magazine Cover

2014 Stormwatch Magazine Cover

2014 A&R Review Magazine Cover

2014 HBL Magazine Cover Feature

2015 Locked Magazine Cover

2015 Bossed Up Magazine Cover

2015 Perspectives Featured Interview

2015 Open Featured Interview

2015 Brick By Brick Featured Interviewed

2016 Locked Magazine

2016 JusBU Magazine

2016 Curvz Magazine

2016 YM Fashion Magazine

2016 Global Music Magazine

2016 Soul Central Magazine

2016 HP Magazine

2017 Bizzy B Magazine

2015 NY 1 Featured interview

2015 News 12 Featured Interview


2015 NY Ambassador Peace

2015 Creator of Dynamic Artists 4 Peace

2015 U.S. Ambassador Dynamic Artists 4 Peace

2015 NAACP Bronx Chapter Spokesman "411 on The Five-O" campaign

2015 Selected to White Plains Cap Advisory Board

Benefacting Sponsor/Partner at Saint Jamuel Family Day Care Group

Caravan to Houston for Hurricane Harvey Relief


2015 Artist Of The Decade Award

2015 Humanitarian Award

2015 The Roland McLaren Jr. Special Achievement In Sound Honor Award

2015 True Artist Of Hip-Hop Honor Award

2015 Humanitarian Peace Advocate Honor Award

2015 Bronx Borough President Citation Of Merit

2016 Keeping The Dream Alive Award Honoree (JumpStart / NAN)

2016 United States Congress Certificate Of Special Recognition Honoree

2016 New Jersey State & General Assembly Citation

2016 Paterson New Jersey Office Of The Mayor Certificate

2016 City Of Paterson Municipal Council Citation

2016 Board Of Chosen Freeholders Citation

2017 Voice Award "Man Up Music Mogul Award"

2017 DDWL Image Award "Achievement Award"

2017 DDWL Image Award "Humanitarian Award"

2017 Stage Production "At The End Of Day"



Soundcloud: @IAMMIKEYJAY




IMDB: @Mikey Jay

Facebook: @Team Mikey Jay

Tumblr: @Mikey Jay

LinkedIn: @Mikey Jay

VladTv: @Mikey Jay

MTV Artist: @Mikey Jay

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Sandra Dieudonne

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