Think, Do, Test

Description- In this unit, we constructed 3 simple machines: a pendulum, a pulley, and a lever. For each simple machine, we had to complete a certain challenge. Everyday, we had to record a think and a do. The thinks were meant to tell everyone what we were planning on doing for that day. Our do was telling what we accomplished that day..

1/10/17: Yesterday, we created a basic pendulum from the instructions. It did have some problems though. It was not stable enough, and it was tall enough, which made it weak. I plan to add 2x20 pieces to make it taller and tires on the bottom to stabilize it. Also, it am going to make the piece that holds the tire longer so it can swing back farther.

The outcome was really good. It knocked the cubes down 5/5 times. The tires at the bottom stabilized the pendulum, which made it a lot easier to knock them down. Also, the 2x20 allowed more potential energy to store up, making the pendulum more powerful.

Think: Today, we will be constructing the original design of the pulley system/elevator.

1/11/17 Challenge #2 Pulley: We must create a pulley system/elevator that can lift/ transport 3 blocks 3 inches high.

Criteria: The elevator must lift 3-4 small objects at the same time, the elevator must use a pulley, the elevator must include a platform or container to hold the objects being lifted, and the elevator should include a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually.

1/12/17 Think: We didn't complete the test, but we did make the changes to the pulley. Today, we plan to make a gear system that will control the pulley.

Do: We added height to the pulley by adding 2x20 to the original design. We also made it wider to hold the tires in the middle. Also, we are adding gears so we can manually operate it.

1/17/17 Think: Today, I have to make a new video. In my first video, we forgot to put a ruler in it. We have to put the video into spark video first, then I can copy it into adobe spark. After I'm finished with that, I will began to build the lever.

Do: After we finished our video and transferred it into spark page, we began to build our lever. We only got to the second step. Tomorrow, we will finish it and begin modifying it.

1/18/17 Think: Today, we are going to finish building the lever. We have already done the first two steps. After we finish that, I have to write the description and criteria of the lever.

Do: We did end up finishing the original design. Also, we got to modify the lever a lot. We stabilized the base with 4 rubber tires. Also, we made the structure wider so the lever can go back farther.

1/19/17 Think: Today, we are going to test our lever. We will make modifications if needed. After we are done with that, we will film it with a ruler next to it. Next, we will finish our packet.

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