The Culture Of Saudi Arabia Kelly tovar :: pd: 7

Country Profile - 1

  • Capital: Riyadh.
  • Population: 30.8 million
  • Ethnic makeup: Arab
  • Language: Arabic

Capital Profile - 2

  • Type of government: Monarchy
  • Currency: Saudi Riyal
  • Major religions: Islam
  • Climate: Tropical

Traditional foods

  • Kabsa
  • Margoog
  • Jereesh

Appointment alert

  • Government offices are open Saturday - Wednesday.
  • Banks open Saturday to Thursday morning only.
  • Businesses in the kingdom close for prayers.

Businesses dress

  • Men cover everything from navel to knee.
  • Women cover everything but their face.
  • Thobe,ghuttera and aqal are needed.

Conversation and meeting etiquette

  • Platitudes.
  • Forthcoming but always polite.
  • Questions about your home country.

Gift giving etiquette

  • Gifts are for intimate friends only.
  • To give a gift, it should be the best affordable.
  • Buying gold jewelry for men is the best gift.

Let's make a deal

  • The visitor greets everyone in the room.
  • If there's carpet the visitor takes his shoes off.
  • If two men walk together the one on the right goes first.

Prosperous entertaining

  • Saudis will accept a foreigner invitation to go to a restaurant.
  • Sharing food is the best way to know each other better.
  • Saudis respect people with a firm grasp of their argument.

Public behavior

  • Loud speech and raucous laughter is vulgar.
  • Saudis shake hands with men only.
  • kissing both cheeks represents a close friendship.


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