Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter 21st August 2020

Principal's Message

Jodie Norwell, Principal.

Dear Families,

Thank you to all families for your contribution in the recent IEP meetings with your child’s teacher. We value your role in your child’s education and very much appreciate your input into the teaching and learning programs which support student achievement. IEPs will be sent home early next week.

Our Dance program is well underway and the students are loving the music and groove Miss Kate from Infinite Limits brings each Friday. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for regular, daily updates on what we get up to in each class. Just search “Canning Vale Education Support Centre” in the search bar of Facebook.

In the meantime, please enjoy our newsletter.

Kind regards,

Jodie Norwell


AEIIP Classroom News

In the Autism Early Intensive Intervention Program the Kindergarten students have begun to engage in a number of different games during mat time. We are doing a guessing game, where one person acts out an animal or action and the other students have to take turns to guess what they are doing. We are also playing a memory game where a toy is picked by each student and Mrs Mulder hides it behind her back. Then the student has to answer questions about the object such as “What is it?”, “What colour/shape/size is it?”, “How does it feel?”. To start with students are using visuals on the interactive white board, but we aim to be able to answer these questions without a visual by the end of the year. The students were also excited to see a fire truck recently parked not far from our classroom!

In other news the students have made progress and need to be commended for the following: Levi has made excellent progress with colouring in. Frankie has improved at tracing his name. James has learnt how to put most of the doll’s house furniture in the correct room. Miles can now follow the rules for a sack race. Damon is now able finish of different parts of songs upon request. It is great to see that each child is improving! Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

The Pre-primary students have had a fantastic start to Term 3. They are taking part in a number of play skills, working together in team games such as T-ball and piggy in the middle. The students also take part in role play by dressing up and acting out the charter they are dressed as. In the photos below Akaran and George are pretending for their peers to guess what they are doing. Akaran is pretending to swim and George is pretending to climb. The Pre-Primary students are great team players and are working very well together taking turns and waiting. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

B9 Classroom News

I’d like to start by offering a big welcome to Jumana who joined our B9 class at the start of this term. Jumana is settling in nicely and getting used to school life.

So far Term three has been sensational, and despite the cool weather, the students are running hot. So many are doing so well in so many ways. Eesa is learning play skills, Scarlett and Lewis are learning to move independently between their work stations, Aaron and Ekam are excelling at their work with Key Word Signing, while Lachlan and Oliver are demonstrating a healthy aptitude for Fundamental Movement skills. All other students are making steady progress with their academic skills and should be very proud of their achievements.

Kate Morrier has been running her ‘Infinite Limits’ Dance classes on Fridays and all the students, who have attended her classes, love it and engage well with this program. students It is a nice way to finish the week.

We are all looking forward to what the rest of this term offers. I’m sure it will provide lots more of the positive achievements we have seen so far. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

The last couple of weeks has been very physical!

We are working very hard in class as usual, but this term we’ve got a couple of extra events.

Fridays have been super with the new dance classes (Infinite Limits) run by Kate. All students are participating well and have been doing non-stop balance, coordination and movement activities. Many activities are done independently and all students are having fun!

It’s great to see Sayfiyy and Hussein dancing and following the moves by themselves!

This term we have using the basketball courts to learn and practise some basketball skills during morning fitness. Elexis loves to bounce the ball and is learning to pass to a friend.

We have just begun training for the sports carnival that we have at the end of the term.

We are doing running races and tabloid/team games with our friends from mainstream. We are all looking forward to running off some excess energy.

H3 staff wish everyone stays warm, dry and healthy. Darran Wilson, Teacher.

H4 Classroom News

I have to say that it has been a fantastic start to the second semester. All the students have come back roaring to go and many have already achieved some of their IEP goals!! Hopefully this term we will be starting some Community Access Training and we are all looking forward to that. Having the students being dropped off out the front have definitely improved their independence and road crossing skills. The library has reopened and the students have really enjoyed going back and reading their books. They have remembered the library rules and how to check out a book – well done! We had the opportunity to meet Harold the Giraffe this term and the kids absolutely loved him. Some were a bit tentative going up to meet him but the rest loved it when he nibbled on their fingers!! Harold taught them about Friendship and how to feel safe. Our Friday mornings with Miss Morier at Dance are going really well. All the students are involved and really enjoy the ‘obstacle course’. So all in all it has been a wonderful term so far with everyone (staff and kids) really working hard and having fun! Dana Langridge, Teacher.

B1 Classroom News

Dodging showers is a part of the fun when you have a project to complete. The Year 6’s from B1 have been out in all weathers with cement and tiles, creating an art work for future students to appreciate and enjoy. The Terracotta Tree is gradually taking shape and like its earthy counterpart will start to blossom and colour as the warmer weather approaches. The final stage is the painting of the names of the departing students on the truck. It is always a little sad when our year 6’s leave; The Terracotta Tree will be a lovely reminder of their presence and the lasting legacy they have left behind at the school. Neil Rose, Teacher.

School Health Nurse

Dental health - Keep your child's teeth healthy

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is a diet-related disease that damages teeth.

Tooth decay happens when germs in the mouth create a sticky covering called plaque on the tooth surface. These germs feed on sugars in food and drinks and produce an acid that damages the tooth surface. Over time, this acid eats away at the surface of the tooth, creating holes or ‘cavities’.

Tooth decay can cause pain and infection. It can even affect children’s growth. Severe decay in baby teeth can have serious consequences for your child’s nutrition, speech, and jaw development.

The longer tooth decay is left untreated, the more your child will experience:

• pain and discomfort

• a higher risk of new decay in other baby and adult teeth

• more complicated and expensive treatment

• anxiety when he visits a dentist

• loss of time at school.

Tooth decay is also called dental caries.

Signs of tooth decay

Early tooth decay can be hard to spot. The first sign of tooth decay is when teeth develop a dull, white band along the gum line (the area at the base of the teeth, near the gums). You might also see brown spots on the teeth, and the gums might be red and swollen.

With more advanced tooth decay, you might notice blackened holes in the teeth or broken teeth. If the decay has led to an infection, you might notice lumps or pimples on the gums or swelling around the gums and face.

Tooth decay prevention: three key steps

There are three key steps your child can take to prevent tooth decay:

• Brush teeth twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste.

• Eat a healthy, low-sugar diet, and develop healthy eating habits.

• Have regular dental check-ups with the dentist.

Healthy foods and drinks to prevent tooth decay

• Cleaning teeth isn’t a guarantee against tooth decay. The types of food and drink you give your child also affect dental health and the development of tooth decay.

• Children need a wide variety of healthy foods and snacks. Foods and drinks that are low in sugar are best. Avoid giving your children sweet biscuits or cakes. If your child does eat something sweet, drinking a glass of water can reduce the amount of acid on your child’s teeth.

Other ways to avoid tooth decay

• Being a role model

You can set a good dental health example for your child by brushing your own teeth twice a day, limiting your sugar intake, and being positive about going for dental check-ups.

• Bottle-feeding

It’s recommended that you don’t settle your child in bed with a bottle of milk. Settling children to sleep with bottles can lead to tooth decay. This is because there’s less saliva in your child’s mouth to protect her teeth during sleep, so milk can build up and eat away at the enamel.

• Sports and Sugary drinks

The acidity and sugar in sports and sugary drinks can cause decay and damage your child’s teeth, particularly if your child drinks them regularly. This can lead to permanent damage to your child’s teeth and further dental treatment.

It’s best for your child to avoid these drinks, and to drink plenty of water instead. If drinking sugary and sports drinks, it’s good to rinse with water straight away and to brush teeth with a fluoride toothpaste about an hour later.

From the P & C

Hello from the P&C! Our week 3 meeting was on Tues 4th August. We discussed a lot of fundraising planning for the for rest of 2020. As you'll see below there's lots of exciting events coming up! Please pop them in your diary. All funds raised this year will go towards our new Adventure Playground. The free dress day on the last day of Term 2 was super successful - raising over $600!

Our next meeting is Week 8 - Tues 8th September - 6.30pm in the staffroom. We would love to see you! The more members we have the better. Come along have a chat and get involved.

To stay up to date on all fundraising events like our Facebook page!