207 Russell Street-Hadley, MA 12.9.2016 Kevin O’Donnell Cameron Rothfuss BCT313-Light Frame Construction Team Project 2: Research Journal for On-Site Observations Professor Ho-Sung Kim


207 Russell Street (Route 9) in Hadley, MA will be the site for two Commercial and Retail buildings where spaces will be sold for lease. Financing for this project is funded by Easthampton Savings Bank, and property will be sold by Jones Group Realtors. The project is headed by Crocker Building Company out of Springfield, Massachusetts. Sub-contractors on the job include Jacques Builders from Palmer, Massachusetts, who will complete the carpentry on the buildings. Karl’s Excavation from Hadley, Massachusetts, handled excavation and backfilling for the foundation. Electrical was completed by Orchard Electric out of Florence, Massachusetts.

General Contractor:

Crocker Building Company

186 Stafford Street

Springfield, MA 01104


Company History

Crocker Building has been in the construction industry for over 38 years. Previously known as Pre-Design Building Systems, Bill Crocker Sr. and Guy Jodice founded the company in 1969. The company started as a company which strictly constructed pre-engineered steel buildings. It was not until 1995, when Bill Sr. changed the company name to Crocker Building Company. After Bill Sr. passed away in 1998, his son Bill Crocker and Seth Crocker replacing their father as President and Vice President, respectively, in 1996. Since, Crocker Building Company has attempted to expand their market into commercial and educational buildings, while still remaining a steel construction contractor.

Site Map

This is the location of 207 Russell Street in Hadley, Massachusetts. Russell Street also known as Route 9 will host two commercial buildings on its site located along this busy road.

Week One Observations (Sunday, Oct 16)

Weekly Weather History

United Site Services is a reputable company that rents portable bathrooms, temporary fences, and more to its customers. The United Site Services rents out equipment to more than 140,000 customers every year. The customers that United reaches are events, sports games, construction, industrial, government, agriculture, and emergencies. In this case Crocker building Co. rented one standard restroom for the workers to use. They also have the option for a highrise, which brings the toilet up multiple stories so the workers don't have to go down to the ground to do their business. United will also incorporate toilets and sinks into office trailers or deliver a heavy-duty restroom trailer which has full running water giving it the experience you would receive if you used a permanent bathroom. If you need more sanitation for a dirtier job there is also an option to rent hand-wash sinks and portable showers. All of these options, followed by temporary fence rentals, is what makes United Site Services a no brainer when deciding who to rent this type of equipment from.

To pull off a project the size of the project on 207 Russell St, most builders would need to take out a loan. Crocker Building received a loan from Easthampton Savings Bank to finance this project. Easthampton Savings Bank is located in Hadley, MA and offers construction loans. The loans that Easthampton Savings Bank offers for construction have adjustable rates, flexible terms, zero point options, and only have one closing. Once the loan is approved Crocker Building will be put on a bank-draft schedule that follows the stages of construction. Crocker Building will also be expected to only make interest payments during construction. As Crocker Building needs more money for the project, an associate from Easthampton Savings bank will most likely come to the jobsite to see the progress made and also be informed on what steps are next in the building process.

Karl’s Excavating and Site Work is a family owned business that has been around for over fifty five years. They have experience in small homeowner projects as well as experience in major site work developments. Karl’s Excavating and Site Work has ample equipment allowing them to use the correct tools for the job making the work almost effortless. Having the proper equipment for every job helps Karl’s Excavating and Site Work increase efficiency as well as keep the disruption to the site minimized. They are also located in Hadley so it is easy to get to the site on 207 Russell Street.

Jones Group Realtors have three office locations, one in Amherst, Northampton, and Belchertown. Jones Group Realtors are a well established company in Western Massachusetts. Their practice will do anything from selling real estate, providing maintenance services for rental properties, to managing commercial/residential properties. Patricia Patenaude is the Jones Realtor in charge of renting the property on 207 Russell St. for commercial use, after the construction is finished. After looking at Patricia’s posting online we found out that the property is 13,000sq ft, located on 2.37 acres of land, has two units, forty six parking spaces and has access to public water, public sewer and gas.

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