Good Life Museum Visits Richard Cochran

This painting really stood out to me. I thought the artists was just painting a swamp since it is relevant to Gainesville and Florida. This artwork made me interested to see why the artist chose the colors that they did. In my perspective it looks like the sun is rising, but it could also be setting. It depends if you're an optimist or a pessimist.
This outside garden was my favorite part of the design of the museum. Through the long hallways and large rooms in the Harm Museum, it was very interesting to see art in nature in this outside garden. Using natural lighting it was very relaxing to be in this part of the museum as you can tell by my pose.
One of my core values is to care and help others. In this artwork a mother is caring for her young as she attends the child's needs. It was pretty neat to indulge in this picture and notice the layout of the house.
This exhibit of the Guerrilla Girls stood out to me the most. These women were artists of all type, movie producers, authors, singers, painters, and they all experienced injustice in their industry. They decided to stand up for what is right and voice their opinions and point out the fact that they were being under minded.

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