The Schola's Quarter Notes 2019 Quarter 1

A Modern Choir School

by Fr. Ted Ley, SM, DMus

Once many years ago a choir school went on pilgrimage to Rome and sang for the Pope. Their singing was very beautiful. The Holy Father whispered to an aide next to him, “Where are they from?” The aide replied, in Latin, “They are English” – “Sunt ANGLII.” The pope answered in Latin, “No, they are ANGELI” – Angels! Perhaps that choir was from Cambridge, because the choir of King’s College there is said to have today the most beautiful children’s choral tone in the world.

Choir schools today carry on a tradition begun over a thousand years ago when, during the so-called “Dark Ages,” something happened that was truly bright and promising: the monasteries of Western Europe founded the first real schools. Some of them became famous for Music, the first choir schools.

The oldest existent choir school is near Barcelona, Spain, the “Escolanía” of the Monastery of Monserrat. “Escolanía,” in the regional Catalonian language means, “choir school.”

And so, our four-and-a-half year old choir school, in the historic Spanish district of Los Angeles, has the name, Escolanía Pacífica, linking it also to our sponsoring adult choir, The Schola Cantorum of the Pacific.

The founding of our Escolanía is certainly a “pipe dream” come-true; the pipes being the choristers’ young voices piping in very high register, notes with a tone uniquely that of children, a very special and universally beloved choral tone. And if it is oft-times “heavenly” in its sound, it is also often uniquely cheerful; for, children love to sing!

All the students of Assumption School in Boyle Heights, are members of the Escolanía, boys and girls, pre-K through Grade Eight. They are now receiving a thorough Music Education centered on Sacred and Classical Choral Music but including popular and folk repertoire, and the study of such supportive instruments as Classical Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Flute, Drums, Keyboard and String Bass.

Enthusiastically co-sponsored by the staff and faculty, clergy and leadership, of Assumption Parish and School, the Escolanía also derives keenly from the spirit of the Society of Mary, the Marianists, whose ministries are especially for children and the disadvantaged. Boyle Heights, being one of Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhoods, is not without the serious needs of an inner city district, including better schools and family and child safety. Escolanía Pacífica provides something special to the young people for their school’s “claim to fame:” While the Escolanía sings, “From Gregorian to Gospel,” it is also developing as a concert specialization, the Music of Old Spanish California, a unique cultural contribution among schools in the Southland.

Already the concert ensemble of the Escolanía has performed with the adult Schola Cantorum of the Pacific. Now the Escolanía looks ahead to stage its own Spanish zarzuela-type musicale, “Fandango en Nueva California,” enacting a fiesta in the style of Early California with authentic music of the epoch.

We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic school family, Assumption, for our Escolanía. Our school parents are wholeheartedly in support of the Escolanía. Our hope is that in only a few years our choir school will be able to stand alongside some of the world’s finest choir schools, and like them, prepare self-confident young people to become successful leaders in many fields, motivated by their experience at Assumption School. This hope is summarized in the lyrics to the school Alma Mater which the children sing in choir school style in three parts:

“We love Assumption School. Together we’re at home. We learn, we pray, and win in every way. The Queen of Angels’ arm will keep us safe from harm, as joyfully we run in the footsteps of her Son, until the greatest victory in life is won: To give the love of Jesus’ to everyone.”

Fr Ted Ley, SM

Festival of Lights

Did you miss our Christmas performance at the Festival of Lights? You can still watch it on our Facebook page. Moving forward, we will be live streaming our performances, which will be recorded and saved on our Facebook page.

Keep updated through our Schola website, www.pacificschola.org, and our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheScholaCantorumOfThePacific/

Assumption and Escolanía in Boyle Heights, “A Catholic Magnet School in the Communication Arts,” in more ways than one.

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We are happy to provide more options for you be part of our mission. There are now three ways to support us at home: Mail a check to our P.O. Box, PayPal (http://www.pacificschola.org/donations/), and now AmazonSmile.

Thank you for being part of our journey as we continue to provide a free music education to the youths.

The Schola adults and Escolanía students visiting Sacred Heart Catholic Church, summer 2018 in Ely, NV.

Vicente Bastidas, assistant choir director, conducting the Schola adults and Escolanía students at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ely, NV.

The Escolanía students performing their Christmas Program at Assumption School in Boyle Heights on December 9, 2018

The Schola adults and select Escolanía students performing at the Riverside Festival of Lights’ Main Stage on December 16, 2018.

Summer Trip

By Isaec Valencia

My trip to Ely, NV is a trip that I will never forget. This amazing experience started last year when I got invited to go with the Escolanía Pacífica to perform at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ely. Father Ted had us practice for quite some time to make sure we performed at our best.

Many of the activity we had at Ely became some of my favorite moments in life. One of them being our visit to the Lehman Caves, located at the Great Basin National Park. The geology of these caves were very interesting to see since many of the rocks differ in texture. I also enjoyed the stargazing at night. Seeing Mars, Saturn, and the moon with the telescope was an enjoyable sight to see. We even saw a shooting star pass by.

However, my favorite part of the trip was our concert at the church. Showing what we had been practicing for the Ely community was very rewarding since we all had worked hard to do our best. My solo piece was nerve wracking because it was the first time I played outside California and after playing the piece I felt proud of myself.

Overall, the drive to Ely might of have taken about 9 hours but it was worth the drive. The people from Ely were very welcoming and attentive to us and I hope we get invited again.

The Escolanía Pacífica

The Schola Throughout the Years

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