Performance Improvements in the September 2020 Release Adobe Creative Cloud Video & Audio applications

Along with new features in Premiere Pro, today’s release includes performance improvements for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

  • Improved Multicam performance for Apple ProRes: Premiere Pro can support up to 2x more streams, accelerating editing workflows with this widely used format. A new Auto-Adjust Multi-Camera Playback Quality preference enables automatic playback resolution adjustments for the ProRes codec, ensuring optimum performance.
Improved multicam performance for Apple ProRes
  • OpenEXR Previews for multi-part and multi-channel files are now up to 3x faster in After Effects (this improvement was included in the August performance update for After Effects)
  • Faster Effects scanning for VST3 and Audio Unit (AU) plugins in Audition and Premiere Pro means faster launch times for users with third-party audio plugins. Effects scanning is up to 15x faster on macOS and up to 10x faster on Windows.
  • Coming shortly to After Effects: Channel effects are now GPU-accelerated providing up to 1.65x faster performance. These include Minimax, Shift Channels, Set Channels, and Channel Combine.

How public Beta is helping us improve features: Scene Edit Detection in Premiere Pro

Scene Edit Detection is one of our first marquee features to go through public Beta. This allowed users to test the feature and provide feedback to our team. Scene Edit Detection, powered by Adobe Sensei, allows users to identify edit points in previously edited video and add cuts, markers, or both. Along with testing and validating the algorithm, user feedback helped us to improve the workflow, by streamlining the dialog and adding the option to automatically generate Bins with new subclips.

Also, thank you to our technology partner NVIDIA, who contributed to the development of the feature with hardware testing and hands-on engineering to help us ensure excellent performance.

Scene Edit Detection is available today in Premiere Pro.

Interested in trying out new features? Learn more about public Beta here.

Ongoing focus on stability

Every release includes bug fixes across the applications. You can find information about these on the Fixed Issues pages for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Media Encoder.

Over the past 24 months we have continued to see release-over-release improvements in our applications. For an overview of the work we have completed, including links to posts, livestreams, and resources, visit this page.

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