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First things first, congratulations on your final year of high school! We hope this information will help you make a great decision on your senior portrait experience!

Photographer duo Karlee Brown and Marisa Henry have teamed up to bring you, Brick Street Studio! We are very excited to be merging our brands to bring you a studio close to home. Brick Street Studio still offers the same great work of KB Photography & PBMH Photography, now you just have more options. When coming to Brick Street Studio you can choose which photographer you would like to work with based on your desires and tastes. KB Photography has more of an edgy/matte look to her work whereas PBMH Photography is more on the traditional, light and airy side. We would love to talk to you about different options that our studio offers for high school seniors and give you the best senior experience around!

We are excited to capture you in your final steps before entering the real world!

Brick Street Studio

217 West Main St, Ionia MI 48846

(616) 523-4400 |

What is a rep?

Brick Street Studio chooses 8-10 models from different schools in West MI. Being a senior model for Brick Street Studio means that I trust you to spread the word about senior portraits and your experience with our studio!

All senior Models will get goodies and free things for spreading the word about Brick Street Studio. We chose you, because you are involved in school activities, sports, community events, and other things! We chose you because you also seemed like a perfect fit for us to work with!

We want to give my senior models the best senior year ever! We want your session to be filled with lots of laughs and lots of fun!

Marisa & Karlee cannot wait to work with you!


  • All senior models will get a FREE 20 minute session before May of their junior year, prior to their full session.
  • They will get to choose between 5 edits from a personal album to put on a referral card that they must hand out to their classmates! These referral cards will have a 15% off coupon on them so don't forget to mention that to classmates!
  • Every time a classmate brings me a card with your name and photo on it, you will get FREE prints!
  • You will be featured in a senior spotlight on our page.
  • With your package, you will have between 5 and 8 previews up on Facebook to use as profile photos and cover photos.

Referral Program

This is where your rep cards come in. Each model will get individual rep cards to hand out to classmates. When classmates bring them to their sessions, you get all sorts of cool things!

  • 1 card- $25 Print Credit
  • 3 Cards- $50 Print Credit
  • 5 Cards- $75 Print Credit, $10 Visa Gift Card
  • 8 Cards- $100 Print Credit, $20 Visa Gift Card
  • 10 Cards- $150 Print Credit, $50 Visa Gift Card
  • 12+ Cards- $150 Print Credit, $100 Visa Gift Card, Custom Gift of choice

If you get more than 5 cards in you will be entered to win a gift basket valued at $100 full of things that you love!


Platinum: $750 (originally $1000)

3 Sessions | $475 Print Credit | 8x8 Album | USB with Print Release | 7+ Outfits Locations of Choice

Deluxe: $475 (originally $650)

2 Sessions | $320 Print Credit | Digital Downloads with Print Release | 5 Outfits | 5 Locations

Premium: $310 (originally $410)

1 Session | $200 Print Credit | 3 Outfits | 3 Locations


Glam Session: $225

45 Minutes | Make Up Provided | Digital Downloads with Print Release

Hair and Make Up: $70+

Done by professional hair and make up artist

Group Session: $250

1 Hour | Up to 4 Students | Digital Downloads and Print Release


4x6- $10 | 5 x7- $14 | 8x10- $25 | 11x14- $55 | 24 Die Cut Wallets- $45 | 16x20- $110

USB with Print Release- $100 | Digital Downloads with Print Release- $75 | 3 Accordion Wallet Books- $75 | 5x5 Keepsake- $125 | 8x8 Album- $210 | 5x7 Brag Book- $50


  • Choose locations prior to session
  • Choose locations that mean something to you or you enjoy
  • Ladies, make sure you wear at least a little bit of make up (Bring make up for touch ups)
  • Bring plenty of outfit options allowing different choice (stick with solid color clothing, bring one casual and one formal outfit!
  • Accessories are key! (hats, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, ect.)
  • Choose outfits that show your true style
  • Bring hair brush/comb to fix things throughout the session
  • We will want to schedule your session in the early morning or at least two hours before sunset
  • Bring a parent or friend to help make you feel more comfortable
  • Most importantly, just be yourself and have fun! Let me make this a wonderful experience for all of us!

Thank you!

Brick Street Studio

217 West Main St, Ionia MI 48846

(616) 523-4400 |

Created By
Karlee Brown


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