The Titanic is a sailing By: Erika Curry

"Mum, mum, mum, mum". But before my mum answers .Well, it is going to take a while, but any way my name is Allison Jenkins and i am going to tell the story of my life more specifically why my life ended on the Titanic so i am going to start from the begin to the end here i go. Mum, mum, mum, mum.

" Yes dear" said mum "

"who are those people outside fuinneog"

"oh little kids running frantically around the deck" said mum

"Is that the fuzz"

" Yes, and come on we are going to be late getting on to the long mum said, getting ready to head out the doras.

"how come papa and Charlie could not come". My mum did not listen to me so she just left out the door without me".

"We will see you in a fortnight" i said in the most sad calmly way.

"Okay", said charlie.

"Love you",said papa.

As we headed out the door I saw my friend Oliver. Hey Oliver. I was gobsmacked when he didn't answer me . Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. When he turned back i waved at him but he didn't wave back to me. I wonder why he was acting like this. He never acted like. I wanted to go see what was up but my mum was eyes in the back of her head and saw me sneak over there to Oliver.

Hey Oliver, Hey mate whats the matter.

"Allison, honey dear come on we can not be late". said mum in calm way because we all know that if she says it another way then we will not end up going so yeah.

As we where walking to the deck ,we heard that some people said that the Titanic had sank, but me and mum did not listen because they were stowed away and we don't listen to stowed away because it was against the law.

When we were waiting for the Titanic we keep hearing that the Titanic sank over and over again "THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC HAS SANK" my mum ran to that person who had the newspaper "This must be a cock up." cried mum, and It was just a big cock up. When we got on her (Titanic) she look beautiful (just like me) it had all of the daor and so' life with so much to spear. Even the bia it could at least last us a life time without running out.

Mum this is so amazing. I would love to live here

" Yes dear , but this is not are seomraí are seomraíis in the 3rd paisineiri we are not the first because i did not want to pay 4,300 dollars for the first clasds" said mum.

But i thought you could chose your know seomraí.

" Then not every one will get a seomraí ". said mum

As i walked into our seomraí i saw that our seomraí was not big and it look like something ate it and then spit it out and then ate it and then spit it back out! It look disgusting and horrible. People have no taste in seomraí for guest to live in

" I will tell you this is the most go hálainn seomraí i have ever seen". said mum

Mum you don't even no what go hálainn is even if it hits you in the side of the head, but i only said it in my head.

As we were sailing off we went down to the dining area and ate some bia but it was all disgusting and i will never ever in my life want to eat the bia or what ever that thing you call bia but my mum seem to like it. I went looking around to see if there were any thing good in the third class section but i was wrong there were still gross stuff. There was no hope i wanted to go home and just live around in bed but i know that my mum would say "Then i am not taking you any were else because you are selfish and want everything to go your way" and on and on and on of words i can not say or use in a sentence or to somebody.

When we got to leaba we heard screaming help the Titanic sinking, but we thought it was that guy or somebody trying to trick people again. When were closing are eyes saying are prays and Oíche mhaith we heard banging on are doras "wake up the Titanic sinking" but we ignored it and then a lady said to and then her voice disappeared my mum looked out the window and saw people in the water and it was dark and cold outside so me and my mum rushed out the doras but it was to late the gates were closed and water was already up at the ceiling and my mum was passed out in the uisce and then she droned but i was still alive but then the uisce became fuar and fuar and even níos fuaire then i sank to the bottom on the floor not breathing,not moving, not even pretending to not move. When the long sank it sank my papa and my deartháir hearts because they know that the fortnight we were suppose to be home. But remember my papa and deartháir heart sank but there memories of use were still alive inside there non sank heart. One day people will still be talking about the Titanic for many years afterwards.

British and Irish words: Mum - Mom, Fortnight - 2 weeks, Cock up - mistake, The fuzz - the police, windows- fuinneog, ship- long, door- doras, passengers- paisineiri, class- clasds, expensive- daor, luxury- so', food- bia, beautiful- go halainn, room- seomrai, water- uisce' brothers- dearthair, cold- fuar, colder- nios fuaire, bed- leaba, good night- oiche mhaith, gobsmacked-Utterly astonished; astounded.


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